Students experiencing emergency medical situations requiring immediate attention should call 911.

Students who are ill and schedule an appointment will be seen and evaluated by a medical provider. Medical staff cannot administer a COVID-19 test to well (asymptomatic) students or those who do not wish to see a medical provider. If a student is not ill (asymptomatic) and does not wish to see a provider, they can receive a free COVID-19 test on campus; more information is available here under “Testing Resources“.

Hours of Operation Fall 2023 & Spring 2024

Attention Students:

Summer Hours:

Beginning June 3, Student Health will be open for patients and calls weekly on Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. The operating hours will be 9:00 am to 4:00 pm closed for lunch from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Operating Hours:

Academic Operating Hours:
Monday-Thursday  8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Setting Up MyChart

Elon Student Health Services/Cone Health will transition to a new electronic medical records system this fall. We are pleased to announce that MyChart will be available as your medical records management system for Student Health Services. MyChart is confidential and allows you to send messages to the Student Health Services staff and providers, view your test results, schedule appointments, see your billing charges, and more. Your Elon Student Health Services MyChart can also be linked across many medical services providers to make access to your medical care more seamless. Once you create your Elon Student Health Services MyChart account, you can link with your other MyChart accounts.

Please note MyChart access is only available to those that you designate; university personnel do not have access to your MyChart record. Students who want to share their Student Health Services MyChart with a designated person (medical provider at home, parent, partner) can view directions for chart sharing are available after you create your MyChart account.

Ready to get secure access to your online medical record? Click “Sign Up for MyChart” to get started.

During times of high demand for Student Health Services appointments or at times when Student Health Services is closed, TimelyCare offers evaluation and treatment of medical concerns, including flu and other viruses. Medication prescriptions can be sent to a local pharmacy for pick-up or on-campus delivery. Do not delay in seeking care or consultation if you develop symptoms. TimelyCare is free to all students and is available 24/7 from anywhere in the United States. Students can register and set up their personal account with TimelyCare at any time.

Students have access to 24/7/365 free on-demand telehealth services through partnership with TimelyCare from anywhere in the United States.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Students are seen at Student Health Services by appointment and in-person only (no walk-ins). This allows staff to better serve students and reduce wait times. Students walking in with no appointment will be assigned to the next available appointment time. If no same-day appointment times are available, the appointment will be deferred to the next business day.

Students can schedule an appointment via their MyChart account. To set up a My Chart account students can go to: 

Students may also schedule an appointment by calling Student Health Services at (336) 278-7230 during operational hours.

  • Online scheduling is available for both new and established Student Health Services patients. For tips on how to schedule a New Patient appointment or to schedule an appointment before you have set up your MyChart account please visit Elon Open Scheduling Workflow.
  • Call-in Scheduling: Students can also schedule an appointment by calling Health Services at (336) 278-7230 during operational hours.
  • If it is after hours, a member of the staff can return the call to schedule when Health Services is open.
  • Please do not leave a voicemail message requesting a specific appointment time.
  • Calls that do not have clear name and contact information will not be returned.
  • There may be times when demand for appointments exceeds availability and students must be referred to a next day or later appointment. Patients with more urgent medical situations who cannot wait until the next available appointment time may want to consider accessing our 24/7/365 free telehealth service TimelyCare, visiting one of the local urgent care clinics or going to the hospital emergency department. Students are reminded that free telehealth appointments are available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year through TimelyCare. Other in-person and virtual medical care options are available on the After Hours & Summer Care page.
  • In times of high demand accessing in-person care at urgent care centers or the hospital emergency department may be a challenge and may result in wait times of several hours. We recommend students consult with TimelyCare before going to an Urgent Care or hospital emergency department for non-emergency illnesses.

Important Information About Your Student

Health Services Visit

  • Prior to their first visit, students should set up their free My Chart account. MyChart is a free online tool provided by Epic—Cone Health’s electronic medical record and billing system—that serves as a centralized location for scheduling your visit and your health information. MyChart enables you to schedule an appointment with a provider at Student Health Services, see key parts of your medical record, communicate with your physician, and engage in your own health care. You can also use MyChart to manage who has access to your health information by setting up a proxy account and linking your My Chart accounts across providers.

To set up a My Chart account students can go to:

  • Patients should arrive at Health Services at least 15 minutes prior to their appointment time.
  • Masks are required in Student Health Services if you have any symptoms of illness.
  • You must bring your Phoenix Card, a form of payment, and valid physical copy of your Health Insurance Card to each visit at Student Health Services.
  • Patients arriving late to their appointment (more than five minutes) will need to reschedule and may be charged a missed appointment fee of $50.00. Patients who miss their appointments without calling to cancel prior to their appointment time will be charged a $50.00 missed appointment fee.
  • Questions or concerns about scheduling or appointment availability may be referred to the Student Health Services Practice Administrator at (336) 278-7230 during weekday operational hours or via e-mail at
  • Information about accessing Ellington Center Medical Transport can be found here.

On-Demand Telehealth Appointments Available Now

Elon has partnered with TimelyCare to offer a telehealth program for students that provides access to free, 24/7/365 medical and mental virtual health care from anywhere in the United States, including Summer, breaks and holidays. More information about accessing TimelyCare may be found here.

Parking and Transportation to/from Appointments at Student Health and Counseling Services

Students/faculty/staff who are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency OR who cannot walk without assistance should call 9-1-1. The Ellington Center Shuttle cannot transport riders who are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency or who are unable to walk without assistance.

Walking: Health Services and Counseling Services, located in the R.N. Ellington Center on South O’Kelly Avenue (south of the railroad tracks), are a short walk from most campus areas (within 15 minutes). For students who are ill but can walk and get in and out of a car unassisted (and have a scheduled appointment), there are parking and shuttle transportation options.

Arriving by personal vehicle: Students traveling by car may park in the large South Campus lot adjacent to the Student Health Services entrance Ellington Center on S. O’Kelly Avenue. No permit is needed. Do not park in the small lot adjacent to Faculty/Staff Health and Wellness or the spots/lots adjacent to the Human Services/Psychology Building or South Gym.

Elon University Ellington Center Medical Transport:  Students with a confirmed appointment at Student Health Services or Counseling Services and who are ambulatory (can safely walk and can get in/out of a car unassisted) may use the Ellington Center Medical Transport. More specific information about the medical transport service is available here.