Students experiencing emergency medical situations requiring immediate attention should call 911.

For non-emergency conditions that may arise when Student Health Services is closed, please see the following resources below. In times of high demand accessing in-person care at urgent care centers or the hospital emergency department may be a challenge and may result in wait times of several hours. We recommend students consult with TimelyCare before going to an Urgent Care or hospital emergency department for non-emergency illnesses.

Please note that students are responsible for any financial costs associated with utilizing these resources:


Elon has partnered with TimelyCare to offer a telehealth program for students that provides access to free, 24/7/365 medical and mental virtual health care from anywhere in the United States, including Summer, breaks and holidays.  These services are offered FREE to Elon students and do not require any additional insurance filing. More information about accessing TimelyCare may be found here.

TimelyCare FAQ

Who can use TimelyCare?

Any Elon University student. We welcome and encourage all undergraduate, graduate and law students to register and access the full array of services.

What services are available?

There are six services available:

  • Medical: 24/7, on-demand or scheduled access to a medical provider that can treat a wide range of common illnesses like cold and flu, sinus infection, allergies and more
  • TalkNow: 24/7, on-demand access to a mental health professional to talk about anything at anytime
  • Scheduled Counseling: scheduled options to speak to a licensed counselor (up to 12 visits per year)
  • Health Coaching: access to a nutritional specialist to help students adopt healthier lifestyle behaviors related to sleep issues, weight management and more
  • Psychiatry: services provided by referral. Please contact Counseling Services at (336) 278-7280.  Due to a limited number of available psychiatric appointments through TimelyCare, a referral code is needed based on the following circumstances. To qualify for access to TimelyCare’s psychiatric services, an eligible student must indicate:
    • financial need /hardship
    • familial barrier that prohibits them from accessing recommended care,
    • and/or
    • demonstrate urgent need for acute stabilization (e.g., current impairment of activities of daily functioning- sleep disturbance, hygiene, appetite disturbance, etc.
  • Group Sessions: Weekly Guided Meditation and Yoga Group Sessions, plus specialized discussions throughout the year.

How much does a TimelyCare visit cost?

Zip, zero, zilch! TimelyCare services are free to all Elon University students.

Is there technical support for TimelyCare?

Yes! There is 24/7 phone, e-mail and chat support available on the TimelyCare website.


Off Campus Resources

Student Health Services does not operate clinical services during the summer. For non-emergency conditions that may arise when Student Health Services is closed (during the summer or academic year), please see the following resources below. Please note that students are responsible for any financial costs associated with utilizing these resources:

Cone Health Urgent Care at Burlington

3866 Rural Retreat Rd #104
Burlington, NC 27215
(336) 890-4160

Cone Health Virtual Visit (virtual visits available 24/7)

For non-emergency medical conditions, connect with health care providers at Cone Health. Visit the Cone Health website to learn more about Virtual Visit options.

Cone Health-Alamance Emergency Department

1240 Huffman Mill Road, Burlington
(336) 538-7000

24-Hour Emergency Care

For more information, visit the Cone Health-Alamance Regional website.

CVS Minute Clinic

2344 South Church Street
Burlington, NC 27215
(866) 389-2727

Kernodle Clinic West (Walk-In Clinic)

1234 Huffman Mill Road
Burlington, NC  27215
(336) 538-2358

NextCare Urgent Care (Walk-in Clinic)

1713 S. Church Street, Burlington
(336) 222-8888

For the most up-to-date information on hours and services visit the NextCare Urgent Care website.

FastMed Urgent Care (Walk-in Clinic)

104 Huffman Mill Road, Burlington

Holiday hours may differ. For the most up-to-date information on hours and services visit the FastMed of Burlington website.


Greensboro Law Students

Urgent Medical & Family Care

102 Pomona Drive
Greensboro, NC
(336) 299-0000

Please see the Urgent Medical & Family Care website for the most up-to-date information on hours and services.


Emergency Dental Services

Touloupas Dentistry

1628 Memorial Drive
Burlington, NC 27215
(336) 226-5485


Dental Works

1595 Glidewell Drive
Burlington, NC 27215
(336) 524-0099


Aspen Dental

139 Huffman Mill Road
Suite 104
Burlington, NC 27215
(336) 261-3022


Transportation to Medical Appointments Off-Campus

Students requiring transportation to medical services off-campus may make arrangements for transportation by calling Campus Safety to consult with the “Administrator On Call” to arrange an UBER at (336) 278-5555. The UBER will be dispatched to pick the student up at the communicated location.

Students are responsible for all costs incurred and will be billed at a later date for the cost of the service.