Our board-certified providers can perform an array of services, including primary care visits, care for acute illnesses and minor injuries, STI screening and treatment. Students also have access to some immunizations, pharmacy services and laboratory services in the Ellington Center.

The staff at Elon Student Health Services in partnership with Cone Health Systems – Alamance Regional, provides the following general services in the evaluation and treatment of acute illness and injury to Elon University students:

Services Provided

  • Evaluation and treatment of acute illness, injury, and infection (including STIs and gyn issues) in Student Health Services/Ellington Center.
  • Co-management of chronic illness when medically appropriate
  • Referrals to specialists as needed
  • Physical examinations for travel, work, and general health
  • Specimen collection for LabCorp testing
  • Point of care labs – rapid strep and flu tests, urinalysis, urine pregnancy tests
  • Gynecologic services – pap smears, contraception, counseling
  • Allergy immunotherapy and other injection services (NC Seasonal Allergy Information)
  • Limited stock and administration of vaccines – Tdap, Hepatitis B, Td
  • Splints, slings, crutches for minor injuries
  • Removal of IUDs
  • Health education and counseling
  • Limited on-site prescription dispensing of antibiotics, oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, antihistamines, acid reducers, analgesics. Students may elect to have their prescription sent to a local pharmacy to use insurance benefits as well as have them shipped to their campus mailbox. Additional prescription resources may be found here.
  • Access to 24/7/365 free on-demand telehealth services through partnership with Timely Care from anywhere in the United States

Services Not Provided

The following services are not provided at Student Health Services nor by Student Health Services Staff:

  • Off Site Care: Student Health Services staff cannot provide off site assessment, evaluation, or treatment.  Students who cannot travel safely to Student Health Services should call 9-1-1 for assessment by local medical first responders. After assessment, the providers will recommend whether the student should be transported via ambulance to the local hospital (Cone Health-Alamance Regional Medical Center).
  • Overnight or custodial care in Student Health Services/Ellington Center. Students who are too ill to return to their residence will be referred to the local hospital (Cone Health-Alamance Regional Medical Center) for additional assessment. If possible, the student should communicate with their emergency contact.
  • Prescription dispensing from providers outside of Cone Health/Student Health Services Staff. Students may find local pharmacy options for filling prescriptions from outside providers (including those with delivery options) here.
  • Provide on-site radiology or imaging; students will be referred to an off-campus provider.
  • Offer physical therapy. Students will be referred to an off-campus provider.
  • Insert IUDs. Students will be referred to an off-campus provider.
  • Manage psychiatric conditions or prescribe psychiatric medications including those for ADD/ADHD; if your existing provider cannot continue to prescribe for you, you will need to register with a local psychiatrist or primary care provider. Resources for finding a Cine Health primary care provider can be found at the Cone Health Primary Care Physician Locator website.
  • Eating Disorders management. Student Health Services staff do not manage eating disorder cases. Students may consult with a member of the Student Health staff for a referral to an appropriate specialist in the area.

Cost & Fee Information

The Elon University Health and Wellness fee covers office visits with our board-certified providers.  Student Health Services staff will file student insurance and any remaining co-payments or deductible for the office visit portion will be paid by the university.

Students may be responsible for all other costs associated with their visit after insurance has been filed, including but not limited to:

  • Injections and Immunizations (including allergy injections)
    • If you are in need of Student Health to continue the care for allergy injections, please print the following Request for Allergy Immunotherapy form and have your allergist fill it out in its entirety and fax it to our office at 336-538-6506.
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab Tests (In-house and those sent to LabCorp for processing)
  • Medical Supplies (crutches, etc.)
  • Medical procedures (sutures, IUD removal, IV’s, etc.)
  • Physical Examinations

Students can pay any residual amounts for these service at the front desk of Student Health Services or via mail.

Note: Students who wish to be tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) may request that the office visit and labs not be filed with insurance. The university will cover the cost of the office visit and the student can request to pay the laboratory charges directly to the lab provider.  

  • Any charges incurred from referrals to an outside provider are the responsibility of the student.  Most outside practices require students to provide verification of insurance prior to scheduling an appointment.