The Student Life Emergency Response System

Students experiencing emergency medical situations requiring immediate attention should call 911.

Crises or emergencies that occur during normal working hours should be referred to the Office of Student Health and Wellness at (336) 278-7200.

Parents or students who have an after hours or weekend crises or emergency (non-life threatening) situations should access the Student Life Emergency Response System by calling Campus Safety and Security at (336) 278-5555. The Campus Safety and Security dispatcher will dispatch the situation to the appropriate response person.

After Hours Counseling Emergencies

As with medical emergencies, students who are experiencing a psychological emergency should call 911 immediately, especially if there is potential danger or harm to self or others.

Students experiencing a psychological crisis (that does not involve potential danger or harm to self or others) or feel they need to speak to a counselor immediately, may contact Campus Safety and Police at (336) 278-5555 at any time day or night and ask to speak to the Counselor on Call. You will need to provide contact information. Campus Safety and Police will relay the message to the Counselor on Call who will call you to assess the situation and determine steps for additional support or follow-up.