Elon University School of Law is preparing for an environment that includes strict compliance to ensure a safe and healthy environment for teaching and learning that keeps students on schedule toward graduation within 2.5 years of matriculation. This will include limits on classroom capacity, requirements for protected personal interactions, and other restrictions that will be in place through federal, state, local and Elon policies, procedures and guidelines.

Additional information specific to Elon Law procedures and practices, plus a list of frequently asked questions, can be be found on the law school’s website.

Elon Law will continue to ensure that social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing and sanitizing, disinfecting, and other behaviors are practiced and that physical protections including size of gatherings, barriers, signage and other directions are in place. Elon Law will consider compliance with protocols and processes as professional expectations imposing professional obligations within the community, including those required by the Elon Law Student Handbook and Honor Code.

A full regimen of expectations and practices regarding teaching, learning, mentoring and programming through at least the end of 2020 will be developed prior to the August Term and Fall Trimester. They will include:

  • Mask wearing will be required in the building at all times. Elon Law is providing masks for all students, faculty and staff.
  • Limits on classroom capacity and requirements for personal interactions, including signage for distancing in commons areas, are being developed and installed. A teaching schedule is being developed that will permit full-time, all-day, five-day-a-week use of Elon Law’s largest classrooms for the two first-year lecture-size courses as part of an in-person instruction model.
  • Elon Law’s in-house clinics will continue to be operational in the fall if remote instruction is necessary.
  • Co-curricular activities such as Orientation, Convocation and Commencement are being planned with multiple scenarios under consideration. Online and/or social distancing components to each program are in development.
  • Events complementing Elon Law’s academic program, such as the Billings, Exum & Frye National Moot Court Competition and the Elon Law Review Symposium, are being reviewed to determine the appropriate format. Events such as the Joseph M. Bryan Distinguished Leadership Lecture, advisory board meetings and alumni programming will be postponed unless remote presentation is possible.
  • Elon Law administrators and librarians are working with Elon University’s Teaching & Learning Technologies and the Information Technology office to identify and acquire resources to enhance and support online learning should instruction move online or Elon Law adapts a hybrid model of learning that requires students to connect remotely for courses.
  • Elon Law’s Office of Admissions is implementing protocols to for in-person visits and tours using social distancing best practice and personal protective equipment as permitted under existing guidelines and as the school begins recruitment of the Class of 2023.