Elon Dining has undertaken extensive modifications of service, with reduced capacities in dining locations, reinvented serving stations and additional food to-go options.

Residential & Retail Dining

Dining staff has implemented additional safety processes and protocols to help ensure the safety of all their operations, including following physical distancing guidelines, decreasing capacity in locations, reimagining serving stations and removing self-service items. Directional signage on the floor creates clear pathways for location entrance, station queue points, location flow, and location exit areas. In addition, mobile ordering is offered at several retail dining locations, as well as to-go options.

New Service Styles & Features

Compostable Containers

All meals are served in compostable containers, with compostable silverware. By eliminating reusable dining ware in the short term, we can better keep our guests safe, while still offering responsible service ware. These containers add convenience for guests that would like to dine on the go.

Served Stations

All stations in on-campus restaurants are now served by an Elon Dining associate, including salad bars and drink stations. There will still be robust customization at all of these stations keeping guests’ safety in mind.

Check-In Procedures

All employees are required to follow new check-in procedures before their workday begins. These include:

  • Testing: Dining team members have undergone the same COVID-19 testing procedure as the rest of the Elon University community.
  • Daily health check-in: All members of the dining team undergo a daily check-in questionnaire and temperature check administered by another member of our team before entering their workspace.
  • Vendors and suppliers: Vendors and suppliers are also being checked in by a member of our team, and receive a questionnaire and temperature check before entering any dining locations.
  • Masks: All team members, suppliers and vendors are required to put on a mask before they enter buildings to check in. Masks are worn by dining teams at all times.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All locations are properly equipped with the necessary PPE to ensure guest and employee safety – including gloves, masks, eye protection, thermometers, aprons/gowns, etc.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Correct hygiene and frequent hand washing happens every 20 minutes for all employees. There is extra and frequent cleaning of all surfaces and items that are at higher risk of contamination, including door handles, light switches, condiment stations, etc. Tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitized immediately after guests leave a table and before new guests sit down. In addition, each dining location undergoes a food-safe sanitizing fog at the end of each day.

Seating Capacity Limits

Seating capacity has been lowered to state-recommended levels in all dining facilities, and dining rooms have been re-positioned to promote distancing between guests. Additional outdoor seating has been added to each dining location, with tented spaces available at Clohan Hall, Lakeside Dining Hall and McEwen Dining Hall. Physical distancing measures have also been applied to these outdoor seating areas.

Online Ordering

New online ordering is available through a new phone app, the Transact Mobile Ordering App, in retail restaurants across campus where physical distancing is impossible. These locations include Qdoba, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Boar’s Head Deli, Biscuitville, Freshii, Flat-Out, and Acorn Coffee Shop. The app offers guests the ability to quickly order food and pick up on their way to class, eliminating the need to wait in line.

New Menus & More Grab-and-Go Options

Enjoy in-house made charcuterie boards, fruit trays, overnight oats, granola bowls and more between classes. A new marketplace, Market Under the Oaks, has been added to McEwen Dining Hall. It offers great dorm room staples, snacks and drinks to the Historic Neighborhood. Greens and Grains, a new salad and grain bowl restaurant, has been added to Fountain Market. It compliments Boar’s Head Deli with freshly made bowls and salads using great locally sourced ingredients. In addition, chefs are re-thinking stations in all dining halls, building complete menus at each station so that guests can get in less lines and enjoy meals faster. Each station in all dining halls features a complete menu, including entrees, sides and desserts, so guests don’t have to visit multiple stations to complete their meals.

On Campus Meal Delivery

Good Uncle is Elon’s premier meal delivery app that provides nutritious, high quality meals that are delivered to convenient spots on campus at no extra cost. Good Uncle’s menus are designed specifically for delivery by a Michelin-star chef. The app also offers prepared meals in Elon Dining markets on campus, so guests can pick up a chef-made meal and enjoy it in the comfort of their home.

Continuous Service & Extended Hours

All  dining halls on campus are now open in between meals, giving guests more flexibility to grab a mid-morning breakfast or a late lunch. In addition, more locations are remaining open past 8 p.m. than in prior years, including: Clohan Hall (open until 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday) and Lakeside Dining Hall (open until 9 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and until 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday).

Dining Events

Popular events like Farm Table Dinners and Food Trucks are scaled down to offer the physical distancing needed while still offering memorable experiences across campus. Chefs also are offering a new teaching kitchen series, which offers cooking classes to students virtually, bringing skilled chefs to home kitchens across campus.


Standards have been revised, including operational and sanitation procedures. In partnership with the university event planners, spacing recommendations and diagrams are being used and modified menus created to showcase style of service and items that can be available for events within the university criteria.