Required COVID-19 testing continues through fall semester for those who are not fully vaccinated. Testing is required weekly for unvaccinated undergraduates and monthly for unvaccinated staff, faculty and graduate students.

Testing is available May 24-July 30 on the following schedule: Mondays 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and Wednesdays noon-4 p.m., no appointment necessary, in McCoy Commons 207.

My Readiness Portal

This page houses all testing result information. Any COVID-19 test results from on-campus testing or results that were submitted through the Phoenix Patient Portal are available here, as well as the 90-day exclusion date for those who had a prior positive result.


Testing Policy After Vaccination

Due to changes in CDC guidelines, campus policies regarding testing and quarantining have changed. Students, faculty and staff who have waited 14 additional days since being fully vaccinated (received both doses for vaccines that require two doses) for COVID-19 and submitted documentation, will no longer be expected to:

  • Participate in required campus testing for the following 90 days.
  • Quarantine as a close contact for the following 90 days.

These guidelines do not apply if the person has symptoms suggestive of COVID-19. 

Upload your Vaccination Documentation

All students, faculty and staff who have been fully vaccinated, must complete the COVID-19 Testing Exception form and attach their vaccine documentation (COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card) when submitting their form. No individual will be considered fully vaccinated unless they have provided proof of both doses and an additional 14 days have passed.