All students, faculty and staff must complete mandatory COVID-19 testing on campus (free of charge). Abbott BinaxNow rapid antigen tests are being used for all mandatory testing.

My Readiness Portal

This page houses all testing result information. Any COVID-19 test results from on-campus testing or results that were submitted through the Phoenix Patient Portal are available here, as well as the 90-day exclusion date for those who had a prior positive result.

Weekly Undergraduate Testing

Students must complete required weekly testing or have their Phoenix Cards deactivated and face student conduct charges outlined in the Healthy Elon Commitment. All undergraduates (except student-athletes and student teachers) have choosen a weekly time slot (same day and time each week) for spring semester testing. Weekly COVID-19 testing helps to identify cases and decreases hidden spread of the virus.

If your chosen testing appointment no longer fits with your class schedule, you can request an appointment change by emailing

Temporary Appointment Conflicts

In advance of your expected absence from weekly COVID-19 testing, please fill out the COVID Testing Exemption Form. After your request is reviewed, you will receive additional instructions.

Graduate Student Testing

All Elon graduate students taking in-person classes are required to participate in monthly COVID-19 testing.

  • Law School students, faculty and staff will receive separate instructions about testing at the Greensboro campus.
  • School of Health Sciences students, faculty and staff will receive separate instructions about signing up for Francis Center testing.
  • Interactive Media, MBA and MSBA students will receive separate instructions about signing up for Francis Center testing.
  • MHE students will test with university staff and faculty.

Faculty and Staff Testing

Faculty and staff are required to test once each month during the spring semester. The Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness Clinic is available to appointments for those who are feeling ill, are experiencing symptoms or have been notified of having been exposed to a positive case. You can request an appointment by calling 336-278-5569. Faculty and staff with a prior positive PCR or antigen (with symptoms) test should provide positive test documentation by submitting a copy to Human Resources.

Exceptions for Testing

Faculty and staff are not expected to test if they:

  • Are in quarantine or still within the 90 days of a positive test result.
  • Have received accommodations to be completely remote for the entire spring semester.
  • Have received both doses of the vaccine.

Testing Policy After Vaccination

Due to changes in CDC guidelines, campus policies regarding testing and quarantining have changed. Students, faculty and staff who have waited 14 additional days since being fully vaccinated (received both doses for vaccines that require two doses) for COVID-19 and submitted documentation, will no longer be expected to:

  • Participate in required campus testing for the following 90 days.
  • Quarantine as a close contact for the following 90 days.

These guidelines do not apply if the person has symptoms suggestive of COVID-19. Fully vaccinated students who are deemed a close contact, must self-quarantine in their residence hall or apartment room and contact Student Health Services and reach out to to receive further instructions. Fully vaccinated employees who are deemed a close contact, must self-quarantine at home and contact their health care provider or the Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness Clinic regarding next steps.

Upload your Vaccination Documentation

All students, faculty and staff who have been fully vaccinated, must complete the COVID-19 Testing Exception form and attach their vaccine documentation (COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card) when submitting their form. No individual will be considered fully vaccinated unless they have provided proof of both doses and an additional 14 days have passed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I safer or able to lower my guard after a negative test?

No. Testing results only indicate whether you had the virus at the moment you took the test. This helps identify hidden cases within the community and decrease the exponential spread of the virus. Testing does not keep us negative in the future. Most importantly, testing negative does not mean we can lower our guard or relax any COVID-19 precautions.

How do I check my testing appointment time?

Check appointment times at My Upcoming Events.

If I don’t have symptoms, can I go to Alumni Gym or schedule a second appointment?

Elon is able to provide only one weekly test to all asymptomatic students and provides those tests only by appointment, with plenty of appointments available to fit with student schedules. If you wish to get another test during a week, contact Student Health Services at 336-278-7230 or visit the Phoenix Health Portal. You can also consult community testing resources available here.

NEW What if I test positive?

Begin isolation immediately and limit your exposure to others. Those tested at Elon are required to immediately return to the gym to take a PCR test and then quarantine while results are returned within 24-48 hours (to avoid any chance of false positives). If a positive result is confirmed by a PCR test, you will be required by the Health Department to isolate for 10 days. Close contacts will also be required to quarantine for 14 days. For information on what to do or if you feel ill, please follow the directions outlined here.

Where do I see my test results?

Find your test results by logging into My Readiness.

Why can’t I test in Alumni Gym if I’m feeling sick or have symptoms?

In order to protect everyone in the gym, students with COVID-19 symptoms should not come to Alumni Gym. Instead, isolate and seek medical consultation by contacting Student Health Services at 336-278-7230 or visiting their Phoenix Health Portal to schedule an appointment/rapid antigen test, if needed. Follow directions posted on the Student Health Services website.