Multi-Phased Return Utilizing Remote Work Rotations (May 11 – August 2)


  • Based on our understanding of the North Carolina Governor’s Executive Orders, this plan begins May 11 and runs through August 2, upon which plans from the Fall 2020 Task Force will begin.
  • As the North Carolina Governor modifies the stay at home order and begins to open businesses, we will utilize phases and, where possible, in-person work and rotations utilizing the Temporary Remote Work Policy as we bring employees back to work on campus.
  • This process will ensure that all offices are open and staffed while incorporating remote work, when possible, to increase physical distancing.
  • The process begins with the return of essential employees (deemed essential for weather emergencies and others deemed essential to the re-opening of campus).
  • Under the direction of Vice Presidents and Deans, supervisors and directors return first in Phase 2 (based on Phase 2 of the Governor’s plan), followed by additional employees. See Important Notes for Faculty for instructions specific to teaching faculty.

Phases for Return to Campus

Preparation: Prepare employees and spaces. Vice Presidents and Deans work with Department Directors, Department Chairs, and Program Directors to:

  • Communicate with and provide necessary training for all employees about expectations, rotations, schedules, concerns, etc.
  • Ensure all spaces are ready for employees to return and can support physical distancing.
  • Allow employees to prepare personally and professionally.

Phase 1: Based on North Carolina Governor’s Phase 1 (at least 2-3 weeks long)

  • Essential (those deemed essential during weather related closures and others deemed essential to re-open campus) employees return to normal work schedule.
  • Employees faced with unique challenges should as always consult with their supervisors (see notes on employees with higher risk for severe illness on page 6).
  • Pandemic leave continues as written.
  • Temporary Remote Work Policy continues for all non-essential employees.

Phase 2: Based on North Carolina Governor’s Phase 2 (at least 4-6 weeks long)

  • We will continue working to resume campus operations on Wednesday, May 27. Supervisors and directors will return that day to further prepare the workplace for remaining employees to begin returning Monday, June 1. If it is possible to maintain campus operations, Vice Presidents and Deans, working with supervisors, may approve rotations of in-person work and use of the Temporary Remote Work Policy.
  • Employees faced with unique challenges should as always consult with their supervisors.
  • Pandemic leave continues as it is written through May 31, 2020.
  • Effective June 1, 2020, pandemic leave transitions to cover the following:
    • Staff member’s own illness related to COVID-19
    • Caring for an immediate family member’s illness related to COVID-19
    • Quarantine/isolation due to COVID-19 symptoms or possible exposure to the virus, when remote work options are not available.
  • We are currently exploring ending the Temporary Remote Work Policy on July 13.