Title IX Staff, often in conjunction with the Coordinator for Violence Response and the Assistant Director of the Gender & LGBTQIA Center, offer a variety of training opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. Training topics available include:

  • Responsible Employee Training
  • How to Address Disclosures of Sex & Gender-based Violence
  • Education on what is Sex & Gender-based Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination and ways to prevent it.
  • Overviews of Title IX, Pertinent Legal Guidance, and Institutional Compliance

Fall 2019 Training Opportunities – Title IX Reporting & Resources

September 24th 12-1:30pm – Oaks 212
November 18th  12-1:30pm – Oaks 212

This interactive Lunch & Learn session will explore Elon’s policies and resources addressing sexual misconduct and gender-based violence. Significant time will be spent on the concept of Responsible Employees, specifically what they are, and who is one. Lastly, participants will be given tools to respond to students when they disclose sexual assault or other forms of gender-based violence. Participants will be given real-world scenarios and be asked to work through them given the lens of their role at Elon. A buffet lunch will be provided to those who register.

Registration for both sessions can be found here.

If you are looking for something surrounding these topics, but do not see it above please reach out. We’re happy to work with you to provide appropriate training and awareness. You can schedule a training or educational session for your class or department by contacting us via e-mail or phone.