Elon Jewish Life Advisory Council (JLAC)

The Jewish Life Advisory Council (JLAC) was formed in 2011 to provide leadership and vision for the enhancement of Jewish Life and Jewish Studies for all Jewish students at Elon.

JLAC members are essential partners in shaping the vision and guiding the course of Jewish life at Elon. Membership is available at different levels, starting at an annual gift of $1,800.

The Jewish Life Advisory Board adheres to the ABCs of JLAC, and parent members act as Ambassadors, Backers, and Champions of Jewish Life at Elon.

JLAC Members

JLAC Co-Chairs: Shani and Scott Spiegle, P’23, P’26

David Campbell, ’13

Ilene and Andrew Cantos P’25

Tami Levin-Cooperman and Keith Cooperman P’25

Lisa and Leonard Dick, P’20

Deborah and Stephen Ellick, P’18, P’21, P’23

Reneé and Craig Erlich, P’21, P’24

Mindy and Larry Feinstein, P’25

Debra and Jeffrey Fritts, P’24

Debi and Harris Gellman, P’22

Rabbi Marla Hornsten and Sheldon Stern, P’26

Allison and Scott Kleinman, P’26

Melissa and Adam Kudelka

Dara and Jon Kurtz. P’22, P’25

Rachel and Steven Levy, P’26

Denise Meckler, P’24

Hannah and Clifford Mendelsohn, P’26

Michael ’65 and Diane Morris

Leslie and Michael Moskowitz, P’21, P’23

Wendi and Ricky Nachwalter, P’23

Jodi and Richard Prohofsky, P’26

Margo and Mike Sadow, P’24

Jay Scharer, P’26

Erin and Steve Schuver, P’25

Evan Seder, ’18

Jodi and Tom Shapira, P’22

Lori and Eric Sklut, P’14

Will Swain, ‘20

Cheryl and Michael Weiss, P’22

Jill and Marc Wishkoff, P’26

Patty and Russell Wolff, P’24

Ex-Officio Members (Elon faculty and staff)

Rev. Kirstin Boswell, University Chaplain

Christy Brooks, Assistant Director of Jewish Life

Geoffrey Claussen, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies, Chair of Religious Studies

Jon Dooley, Vice President for Student Life

Richard Landesberg, Associate Professor, Communications

Jim Piatt, Vice President for University Advancement

Betsy Polk, Director of Jewish Life

Andrea Sinn, Assistant Professor, History, Chair of Jewish Studies

Greg Zaiser, Vice President for Enrollment, Admissions