Your Chaplains Are Still Available

Elon University is holding classes online and buildings are closed to foot traffic. In the midst of our physical distance, our Chaplains and Truitt Center staff are available to students for support, education, and meeting online.

Chaplain’s Fund

The Chaplain’s Fund exists to support students, faculty, and staff who are in need of additional support because of an unexpected crisis or emergency. If you have questions or would like to request assistance, please contact Jan Register.

Contact a Chaplain or Professional Staff

We are working remotely. If we do not answer your phone call, please leave a message, and we will respond as quickly as possible. For urgent concerns and questions, please contact the Truitt Center main office at 336.278.7729.

For General Questions or Assistance

Jan Register, Administrative Assistant

To Reach a Chaplain or Staff Member Directly

University Chaplain Jan Fuller
Joel Harter, Associate University Chaplain
Fr. Peter Tremblay, Associate Chaplain for Catholic Life
Rabbi Sandra Lawson, Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life
Betsy Polk, Director of Jewish Life
Imam Shane Atkinson, Associate Chaplain for Muslim Life
Allison Pelyhes, Multifaith Coordinator
Julie Tonnesen, LEAF Campus Minister and Christian Life

Reflections and Resources

Check out the Truitt Center Blog for Daily Reflections from the Truitt Center, a virtual Numen Lumen every Thursday, and posts from our student multifaith interns. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for daily reflections and updates. Sign up for the Truitt Center Newsletter to receive the prior week’s reflections each Monday.

Virtual Programs and Events

Please check Jewish Life and Catholic Life for information on virtual programs for Jewish and Catholic students. Follow Elon Hillel on Facebook or Instagram for the most up-to-date information.

For links to virtual gatherings, contact staff above or check the weekly Truitt Center Newsletter.

The Truitt Center

The Truitt Center is a safe place for spiritual growth, worldview exploration (religious and secular), and interfaith engagement. Our mission is to encourage students to honor the spiritual dimension of life, to respect religious and cultural differences, to deepen and explore their faith traditions and worldviews, to embrace the present responsibly and the future with hope, and to live the principles they value.