The Pledge of Cooperation is for all chaplains, staff, and community staff affiliates within Religious and Spiritual Life at Elon University.

We pledge to foster a sense of fellowship and community and to respect the religious pluralism of the Elon University community by:

Working in a spirit of cooperation and good will to support and affirm the programs of each organization and ministry; agreeing not to compete for student members; refusing to denigrate any person, identity, or group; and working with students to do the same.

Working together to support the spiritual and holistic well-being of all students and to offer programming for the entire University community, while informing the community of our unique religious identities, traditions, and histories.

Attending all meetings of the Truitt Center Staff Council, and encouraging student leaders to participate in the Multifaith Student Council.

Abiding by the Faith Sharing and Proselytizing Policy of the University, and sharing our faith traditions and beliefs only with those who invite us, and doing so in respectful unpressured ways that allow for dialogue and dissent.

Refraining from pressuring or manipulating students into participation in our groups or activities, and respecting students’ freedom to leave an organization or ministry at any time.

Making our affiliation clearly known in our contact with others on and off the Elon University campus in all correspondence, flyers, and publicity, including electronic communications and social media.

Being responsive and accountable to the University Chaplain, the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, the Office of Student Involvement, and the Division of Student Life.

Welcoming all students at events, working respectfully with students and staff of other traditions and faiths, and pledging to respond to individuals in need of our compassion and advocacy regardless of their religious or nonreligious identity.

Working with the students and student leaders in our organizations, ministries, and programs to do the same in honoring this Pledge of Cooperation.

See our Policies for Religious and Spiritual Life for more information.