Elon University has a strong commitment to encouraging students’ spiritual development, and to be responsive to the increasing diversity of the campus community.

The Religious Observance Notification Policy permits students to request an excused absence from class due to observance of a religious holiday.

Our Multifaith calendar helps educate the campus community about holiday observances and dates of significance throughout the year.

The Truitt Center works closely with Elon Dining to accommodate diverse dietary needs, including kosher, halal, and vegan diets. Dietary accommodations are foundational to ensuring that community members who have religious and ethical dietary commitments have a seat at the table and food to eat.

These Multifaith Religious Dietary Guidelines offer suggestions to help create more inclusive menus and food options for community members who follow particular dietary practices.

We recognize that individual practice is varied, these guidelines do not represent all members of any community, and should not be seen as representative of all religious dietary guidelines for any identity group.









As part of Elon’s new Multifaith Stratigic Plan, the university will be working to ensure that its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts are attentive to religious, spiritual and secular identities. Elon will be examining its observance of religious holidays to ensure they reflect a diverse student and employee community, and will be strengthening the capacity of Elon Dining to accommodate diverse dietary needs. The University will also assess current practices, events and spaces to determine whether they promote an inclusive and welcoming environment and experience.

Do you need assistance requesting religious accommodations? Reach out to us anytime.

Download a digital version of our Multifaith Religious Dietary Guidelines here.