Policies for Religious and Spiritual Life at Elon

The Truitt Center supports and engages the Elon Community with the wisdom of the world’s religious, spiritual, and ethical traditions. Our commitment is to ensure that students have reasonable access to religious and spiritual services, resources, and practices of their own choosing, and to provide opportunities for all students, religious and nonreligious, to explore questions of meaning, value, and purpose. We believe that religious and spiritual life involves respect for all beliefs, traditions, and worldviews, as well as considerate interaction with and learning from one another.


Our policies (click here for full document) provide the framework for Religious and Spiritual Life on campus, with the goal that religious activity be student-centered, support the holistic well-being of all students, and be conducted ethically and with transparency of purpose.  We want all students who desire it to find spiritual/faith communities that are a good fit for them, and to feel empowered to make choices about their participation in all such group(s).

The Associate University Chaplain and Assistant Dean of Multifaith Engagement work with the University Chaplain and the Office of Student Involvement to administer these policies for all recognized student organizations, community ministries, and programs within Religious and Spiritual Life. All Truitt Center staff and community affiliates are expected to know and follow these documents and policies.

Policy Focus

  • Student Centered
  • Religious and Spiritual Activity on Campus
  • Student Groups, Ministries, and Programs
  • New Organizations and Ministries
  • Advisors and Community Affiliates
  • Truitt Center Staff Council
  • University Chaplain’s Team
  • Student Multifaith Council
  • Pledge of Cooperation
  • Faith Sharing Policy
  • Ethical Framework
  • Student Concerns
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Consequences for Non-Compliance
  • Reporting Concerns