Logo for Numen Lumen: A Thursday Inspiration
Every Thursday from 9:50 to 10:20 am in Numen Lumen Pavilion Sacred Space (Numen Lumen Pavilion 110) you are invited to hear members of our Elon community share pieces of their stories, enjoy live music and artistic expression, and share in coffee and refreshments.

This year’s theme for Numen Lumen is “Meaningful Relationships Matter”. 

This theme gives speakers the opportunity to think about the relationships which hold great significance in their own lives.

The people we connect with shape our experiences. The places where our stories and our lives intersect are full of impact when we share the journey. The stories we tell about the people who listened, who helped us along our way, and who inspired us are powerful. Meaningful relationships are how we create the world that we live in together

Our hope for Numen Lumen is to strengthen our community by collectively creating a space where the stories that make us can be shared with courage and received with love. We’re grateful to our speakers for sharing the gift of their stories, their time, and their humanity, and to all who attend for their presence.

For past Numen Lumen recordings, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Speakers and Musical Guests Spring 2024

February 1, 2024

Speaker: Lucy Sneader ’24, Ripple Conference Co-Director

Music: Anthony Hotakainen ’26

February 8, 2024

Speaker: Vanessa Truelove, MHE ’24

Music: Alli Brandon ’27

February 15, 2024

Speaker: Stephen Gyan, MHE ’24

Music: Erin Rohde, ’24

February 22, 2024

Speaker: Kenneth Brown, Jr. ’19, Assistant Director, First Generation Student Support Services

Music: Melanated Melodies

February 29, 2024

Speaker: Michael Williams, Director of the Moseley Center

Music: La’Tonya Wiley, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement

March 14, 2024

Speaker: Dr. Sandy Marshall, Associate Professor of Geography

Music: Imam Shane Atkinson, Associate Chaplain for Muslim Life

March 21, 2024

Speaker: Julia Johnson ’24

Music: Twisted Measure

March 28, 2024

Spring Break, no Numen Lumen

April 4, 2024

Speaker: TBD

Music: TBD

April 11, 2024

Speaker: Aidyn Peace, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

Music: TBD

April 18, 2024

Speaker: Jasper Myers ’24

Music: TBD

April 25, 2024

Speaker: Andrew Moffa, Assistant Director of the Kernodle Center for Civic Life

Music: Emily Cozzone ’25

Past Numen Lumen Speakers