Support the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life

Students of all religious and spiritual identities find community, support, and joy through Religious and Spiritual Life. Our students are encouraged to explore the different religious, spiritual, and ethical traditions, worldviews, and identities represented on Elon’s campus, and find connections to meaning, purpose, and happiness.

Our students find their best friends, their mentors, and their community through Religious and Spiritual Life.  They are able to deepen their connection to their own spirituality, and find fulfillment through religious-based volunteer service with the local community.

Our students, faculty and staff also rely on the Chaplain’s Discretionary Fund for emergency financial assistance for medical bills, textbooks, groceries, and rent and mortgage payments in times of great need.

Your gift to Religious and Spiritual Life or the Chaplain’s Fund will provide community, meaning, and support for our Elon students, equips them to meet the challenges they face on campus, and prepares them to be graduates the world needs.