Our Truitt Center Resources

Are you looking for a quiet room to meditate or burn incense? Do you need a gathering spot for your student group to discuss meaning and purpose? Are you seeking someone to talk to about what’s happening in your life? Are you in need of emergency assistance in case of a personal crisis? Do you want to host a worship session with your religious community?  Or are you looking for a spot to just relax amidst the busyness of campus life? The Truitt Center is here for all that, and more.

In the Numen Lumen Pavilion, in the heart of the Academic Village, you can find warm and welcoming professional staff for whom hospitality is a value.  Stop by any time to find out more about what we offer in Religious and Spiritual Life.

We are also here to connect you with resources across campus to help you find your community, and dive into the big questions of life.

You are welcome in our spaces if you want to pursue the academic study of religion, engage with our diverse spiritual communities, or just want to ask questions about life at Elon and beyond.