Catholic Life

Vibrant Christian Life is part of Elon University’s commitment to diversity. The multifaith commitment of the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life includes supporting Christian students and community members through a wide-range of Catholic groups and programming.

Mass Times

On-campus Masses are held when Elon is in session. Below is our regular Mass schedule.

10am – Numen Lumen Pavilion
5pm – Elon Community Church

Tuesday & Friday
12:15pm – Numen Lumen Pavilion

Small Groups

The earliest Christian communities met in small groups, inside of their homes and were nourished by the Word of God in order to fulfill their mission as disciples of Christ. In that light, the community of Elon CCM strives for the same within our own small groups. We come together to share our struggles, our joys, and the meaning of the Word of God in order to be better prepared to live out our faith journey.

CCM small groups meet regularly once a week. We discuss various things, including how to live out our faith on campus, Scriptures for the upcoming Sunday Mass, and books of the Bible. Most importantly, we are there to support each other in friendship and fellowship. To join any of the following groups, please reach out to one of the group leaders! Our small groups are always open to anyone wanting to join.

Come back soon to see the group times for this year! If you have any questions, you can also contact T Huynh-Duc for more information.


Retreats are a wonderful way to get away from your sometimes stressful daily life. CCM offers a couple of different retreats throughout the year. They are a time for prayer, peaceful reflection, and spiritual growth, not to mention all the fun you’ll have with your fellow students! You’ll come back to Elon with renewed hearts and attitudes. Below you can find what CCM has planned for the upcoming year.

CCM Service Trips

Do something meaningful over your fall or spring break! Our service trips are offered as an “alternative” way of spending your university break. Every year, CCM offers these opportunities to Elon students who want to give up a week off in order to serve the poor, the sick, and the underprivileged while living in community with other students.

Spirituality, prayer, and reflection are an important aspect of each trip. With the time taken to reflect on the work the group has done as a whole, a greater appreciation is had for why these trips exist. God calls all of us to love and serve one another and to do justice. CCM is also called to develop leaders for the future of the Church and society. By giving students the opportunity to experience life in a different culture, acquire a perspective on the global economy, gain a meaningful understanding of the universal Church, and serve all of God’s children, we aim to instill in all participants a sense of social responsibility, leadership, and life-long service.

Thanks to a grant received this past year, CCM’s break trips are completely free to students! Please see each application for more details, and contact T Huynh-Duc with any questions.

Please visit Catholic Campus Ministry’s website for more information.