Department of Religious Studies

The field of Religious Studies provides you with an important knowledge base and helps you acquire a valuable skill set that can be used for adaptive problem solving, ethical leadership and engaged global citizenship in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society

The Elon Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society is the research arm of the Elon University multifaith center, which is located in the heart of campus and seeks to foster a diverse community of study, discourse and practice that promotes mutual understanding and respect across and within religious traditions and belief systems and contributes to the development of global citizenship.

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Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies program at Elon explores the historical and contemporary experience of the Jewish people. Jewish Studies courses consider Jewish history, language and literature and the diversity of Jewish religious, cultural, philosophical, and political traditions.

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Islamic Studies

The Islamic Studies program at Elon University promotes the study of Islam in contemporary and historical periods as a worldwide tradition encompassing Muslims of diverse ethnic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds.

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World Languages and Cultures

We commit to engaging minds and inspiring leaders for the global good with lively courses, undergraduate research, numerous cultural events and guest speakers, and study abroad. Recognized for excellence in teaching, mentoring, and research, we offer an engaging curriculum that prepares our students for global civic engagement. Our students are immersed in language, literature, and culture through 11 language and interdisciplinary programs – in class, abroad, and via internships, collaborative research projects, and community-based learning experiences.

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