Spirit and Pride

Spirit and Pride is a collaboration of the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life and the Gender and LGBTQIA Center. Our Spirit and Pride Interns develop events and resources to support the spiritual lives of LGBTQIA+ students.

Elon University is a vibrant academic community focused on transforming the mind, body, and spirit. The University has a deep committment to multifaith engagement and LGBTQIA+ inclusion, and since 2020, the Spirit and Pride program has further strengthened the community’s awareness of and commitment to students who identify as LGBTQIA+ and religious or spiritual.

The cohort of Spirit and Pride interns build relationships across campus, host programs and events to engage and educate the community, and curate spaces for queer joy, grief, and connection.

Spirit and Pride Mission: 

Our mission is to provide a space of healing and listening for LGBTQIA+ students of diverse religious, spiritual, and ethical identities.

Spirit and Pride Vision: 

We strive to create an inviting community for all students to learn and engage with each other on campus.

Program leadership has worked to develop an innovative pilot LGBTQIA allyship training focused on the diversity of religious, spiritual, and ethical worldviews and supporting students at those intersections of identities, and launched a podcast entitled Queer and Divine, featuring community narratives on intersectionality, queerness, and religion. Want to hear the stories of our community members?  Check out our Queer and Divine podcast  HERE.

Spirit and Pride Professional Staff

2023-2024 Spirit and Pride Interns

Lilia Anderson, ’25 (she/her)

Major: Anthropology and Art


Sydni Brown, ’24 (she/her)

Major: Strategic Communications and Communications Design


Caden Samuel, ’24 (he/him)

Major: Psychology



Jillian Shor, ’24 (she/they)

Major: Art