Elon’s five chaplains provide for the religious and spiritual needs of the entire campus community regardless of affiliations or background. The chaplains support students, faculty, and staff in their religious and spiritual lives, facilitate educational, spiritual, and religious opportunities on campus, and are available to members of the community for personal, social, spiritual, institutional concerns or joys. Chaplains also provide pastoral care, and serve as a listening ear and a non-judgmental conversation partner.

In collaboration with Elon’s Counseling Services, chaplains offer Loss Support groups for students and for faculty and staff. Chaplains are also present in spaces across campus to discuss identity, meaning, and purpose.

2023-2024 Faculty/Staff Schedule

Fall 2023 | Numen Lumen Pavilion 201 | 12 PM

August 16, September 20, October 18, November 15, December 13

Spring 2024 | Numen Lumen Pavilion 201 | 12 PM

January 17, February 21, March 20, April 17, May 15

*RSVP is required for faculty/staff Grief and Loss Support groups. RSVP here for 5/15/24.*

2023-2024 Student Schedule

Fall 2023 | Numen Lumen Pavilion 201 | 11:30 AM

September 28, November 29

Spring 2024 | Numen Lumen Pavilion 201 | 11:30 AM

February 29

*RSVP is required for the student Life After Loss groups. RSVP for 2/29/24 is closed.*

Loss Support Professional Staff