Organizations and Community Ministries

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Religious and Spiritual Life consists of recognized student organizations, community ministries, and university programs. All student organizations and university programs are fully inclusive of all students in good standing. Student organizations are student-led. Community ministries are led by external organizations and staff affiliates. Christian community ministries require student leaders to affirm certain beliefs and practices that can be found in their linked bylaws below or on PhoenixConnect.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Chaplain Kirstin Boswell to talk about starting your own!

All organizations and community ministries agree to a Pledge of Cooperation and follow the University’s Faith Sharing and Proselytizing Policy. See our Policies for Religious and Spiritual Life for more information.

*Community Ministries led by external organizations

Campus Outreach*

Campus Outreach is a nondenominational organization which seeks to develop spiritual leaders on college campuses. We provide a variety of opportunities for students to investigate Christianity and grow spiritually while at Elon, including Bible studies, large group meetings, retreats, and conferences. See Campus Outreach Bylaws for beliefs and leadership requirements.

Catholic Campus Ministry

Catholic Campus Ministry is a vibrant community that comes together in worship at Mass throughout the week and live out their faith in Christ through fellowship and service. CCM holds many events that celebrate the traditions of the Catholic faith, including opportunities for retreats, personal and spiritual growth, social events, leadership, and spring break service trips. CCM does not discriminate in membership or leadership selection. All are welcome.

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  • Sunday Masses: 10:00 AM- Numen Lumen Pavilion; 5:00 PM- Elon Community Church
  • Weekday Masses: Tuesday and Friday, 12:15 PM- Numen Lumen Pavilion
  • Student President: Jillian Thomas
  • Student Vice President: Alexa Ferraiuolo
  • Student Treasurer: Gavin Michaud
  • Student Ministry Coordinator: Lizzie Gildner, 336.278.7363
  • Campus Priest and Associate Chaplain for Catholic Life: Father Peter Tremblay, OFM Conv., 336.278.7355
  • Director of Catholic Life/Advisor: T. Huynh-Duc, 336.278.7363
  • Assistant Director of Communications and Engagement: Kasey Miller, 336.278.7363


Chabad is your Jewish family at college, where you’re always welcome, regardless of your background or affiliation. Chabad is a center that provides religious, educational, social, and recreational programming for the Elon Jewish community, as well as a place for students to socialize in a comfortable setting with friends, superb food, and stimulating discussions. Chabad is located a few minutes walk from campus at 107 Truitt Dr. Chabad is a fully inclusive, non-discriminatory, non-judgmental community.

Visit Chabad’s website

Elon Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir is a ministry of students who have a mutual interest in music and singing and a love for Jesus Christ. Gospel Choir strives to provide students with an environment that embodies a feeling of togetherness and family. All students who love worship and singing are welcome. 🏳️‍🌈Gospel Choir does not discriminate in membership or leadership selection.

Elon Hillel

At Elon, it doesn’t matter how you are Jewish, or how Jewish you are. You can find your on-campus home at Hillel. Whether you are looking for a fridge full of food, a place to hang out or study, a way to meet other Jewish students, or somewhere to celebrate a Jewish holiday, you are always welcome. Our Hillel is a judgement-free zone, and there are no dues or requirements. We offer social, cultural, educational, religious and spiritual, tikkum olam (community service), and Israel-related programs that are designed and planned by our students, we gather for Shabbat every week, and mark the Jewish holidays as a community. 🏳️‍🌈Elon Hillel is a fully inclusive, LGBTQIA-affirming community.

Visit the Elon Hillel website

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Check us out on Instagram @elonhillel

Elon Muslim Society

The Elon Muslim Society provides Muslim students with a community of members who share their faith tradition and spiritual values. EMS allows opportunities for Muslims and non-Muslims on campus to celebrate special religious occasions, to engage in discussions around shared beliefs and relevant events, and to provide the Elon community with representation, explanation, and education about the Muslim tradition. We also hope to bring awareness to the presence of the Muslim faith on campus, and allow for first-hand experiences with members of the faith tradition and to promote the value of diversity and mutual respect. 🏳️‍🌈EMS does not discriminate in membership or leadership selection.

Visit the Muslim Life page

Elon Yoga Club

Yoga Club is a community of students from all skill levels who practice and learn yoga together as a spiritual or centering practice. We explore all things yoga from postural practice to philosophical discussions. We are a multifaith community that welcomes religious and non-religious students from all backgrounds. If you do not have a mat, we have plenty you can borrow. 🏳️‍🌈Yoga Club is a fully inclusive, LGBTQIA-affirming community.

Elon Fellowship of Christian Athletes*

FCA supports the spiritual lives of Christian student athletes, coaches, and any student with an interest or association with sports or athletics at Elon. FCA meets regularly for worship, bible study, fellowship, and social activities. See FCA Bylaws for beliefs and leadership requirements.

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship*

InterVarsity is a nondenominational Christian ministry that provides a transformational community where students can learn together what it means to grow in relationship with Jesus. InterVarsity offers small group Bible studies, retreats and social events, and other opportunities for growth and outreach. See InterVarsity Bylaws for beliefs and leadership requirements.

Interfaith Spring Break Trip

Join us during spring break for an interfaith community service trip focused on social justice, direct service, community cooperation, and interfaith exploration. The Spring 2025 trip is yet to be determined. Students from all backgrounds (religious and non-religious) are welcome to apply. Last year, the Interfaith Spring Break Trip traveled to New Mexico to engage with and learn about different faith communities. 🏳️‍🌈The Interfaith Spring Break Trip welcomes the diverse beliefs/worldviews and affirms the diverse identities of all its participants.

Iron Tree Blooming

Iron Tree Blooming is a meditation group based in Rinzai Zen philosophy and the Zazen tradition. This organization is open to students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds who want to learn about and practice meditation in community with others. No prior experience with meditation is necessary. If you’re looking to de-stress or learn more about Meditation or Zen, this organization is for you. 🏳️‍🌈Iron Tree Blooming is a fully inclusive, LGBTQIA-affirming community.

Check us out on Instagram: @elonirontreeblooming

  • Meeting Times: Thursdays, 4:30 pm, Numen Lumen Pavilion Meditation Garden (or McBride Gathering Space depending on weather conditions)
  • Student Leader: Sandoh Ahmadu
  • Fac/Staff Advisor: Imam Shane Atkinson

LEAF (Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Friends)

LEAF is a welcoming and inclusive Christian community open to all Elon students. We gather as a community weekly for Christian worship, meeting every Sunday at 4:30pm, with a separate, homemade dinner at 5:30pm. Attendance of worship is not required in order to attend dinner. In addition, we also meet for coffee and conversation (Tuesdays, 4-6 pm, Irazu). LEAF lives out our welcoming values and invites people to join us for events or dinner without expectations of joining us for worship. LEAF began in 2007 as “Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Friends,” and LEAF today includes Christians and others from various denominations and non-denominations. Our doors and hearts are always open and all are welcome regardless of previous or current religious beliefs. 🏳️‍🌈LEAF is a fully inclusive, LGBTQIA-affirming community.

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Mindful Elon

The Truitt Center partners with Counseling Services to offer Mindfulness workshops and retreats throughout the year that help students with stress management and spiritual well-being. Learn more about Mindful Elon. 🏳️‍🌈Mindful Elon programs are fully inclusive and LGBTQIA-affirming.

Staff Advisor: Imam Shane Atkinson


OneSixteen is currently inactive. OneSixteen is a student-led nondenominational Christian group that focuses on spiritual development, fellowship, and service.

  • Student Leader: Vacant
  • Fac/Staff Advisor: Vacant

🏳️‍🌈 Spirit and Pride

As a joint effort between the Truitt Center and the GLC, Spirit and Pride is an initiative on Elon University’s campus to provide a safe space of listening and healing for LGBTQIA+ students of faith, as well as an open atmosphere for students of any identity to learn and engage with others on campus. To create an open and affirming space for students, the Spirit and Pride program is dedicated to providing training, speakers, and opportunities for open discussion for students, faculty, and staff to support LGBTQIA+ individuals of any and all faiths or worldviews on campus.

Many of our communities are Open and Affirming of LGBTQIA students and allies, and all of our university chaplains are LGBTQIA-affirming. Contact: Luis Garay, or Rabbi Maor Greene

UKirk-Wesley: A Presbyterian Methodist Student Fellowship

Ukirk-Wesley is a progressive Christian Community dedicated to exploring and discovering faith with college students; empowering them to live out their faith with a hunger for justice, peace, and service to others. Ukirk-Wesley works to foster a welcoming and nurturing Christian community in which students are invited to participate in fellowship, worship, and service with one another. 🏳️‍🌈Ukirk-Wesley is a fully inclusive, LGBTQIA-affirming community.

  • Meeting Times: Mondays at 8pm – Oasis Room, Numen Lumen Pavilion room 203 or on Zoom
  • Student Leader: Josie Brothers
  • Fac/Staff Advisor: Happy Kerns
  • Campus Minister/Advisor: Vacant

Young Life College*

Young Life College is a nondenominational Christian organization that offers students a fun community to explore or deepen their faith. Students at any point of their faith are welcome to come and see what Jesus is all about, and there are opportunities to help mentor and lead in local area high schools, middle schools, or college Young Life groups.