It doesn’t matter how you are Jewish or how Jewish you are, you can find a home at Hillel

Why is Elon Jewish Life special? Because our students know that even when they are far from their own houses, they have a home at the Sklut Hillel Center.

Whether you are looking for a homey spot to grab a snack, a comfy place to study, a way to meet other students, or to celebrate Shabbat and other Jewish holidays, you are always welcome.

Our house is a judgment-free zone where it doesn’t matter how you are Jewish or how Jewish you are (or if you are Jewish), and there there are no dues or requirements. Jewish Life at Elon supports students’ journeys, no matter the destination. (read more here about our inclusive community)

Hillel at Elon is dynamic, student-run, and student-centered. We are open to all Jewish students from all backgrounds, of all identities, all levels of observance. Our students are leaders, organizers, and educators. They are empowered to make Jewish connections, take initiative, and find their own place within a diverse, vibrant, and welcoming community of their peers.

We come together for meals, to learn more about being Jewish, to celebrate holidays, get engaged in social justice work, do homework, or just to grab a snack from the well-stocked fridge and hang out with friends or the Hillel team.

Learn more about Jewish Life at Elon:

All students are welcome and encouraged to participate in our diverse range of programs, as together we celebrate our own traditions and learn about others.

Have a question? Reach out to members of the Hillel student board, Jewish Life team, or the engagement interns.

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