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KCSL - Whiz Kids After-School Program is in Search of Volunteers - Education Opportunities

The Burlingston Housing Authority Whiz Kids Programs is looking for tutors.

The Burlington Housing Authority’s Whiz Kids after school program is looking for volunteers. This program is geared towards students in the K-5 grade levels. The tutoring sessions happen Monday-Thursday from 9am-12pm or 3-5:30pm at the Crump Village.

Tutors are needed to help students go through their activities and helping them read. Thea are specially looking for ongoing volunteers, but any one that has interest in helping younger students in their academic work is welcomed. Please contact Ally Nylen the BHA LINCS coordinator at bha@elon.edu or (508)769-9708 for more information.

10/23/2014 1:40 PM