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Elon employees see long term benefits of free Wellness Center skin care screening

Stephanie Page and Sherri Wolford from Elon's human resources department share their stories on the road to healthy skin. 

Sherri Wolford, Elon’s human resources recruitment coordinator, attended the free skin screening sponsored by Elon Health and Wellness last year. She says it was that screening that saved her life.

“Had it not been for the skin screening, I probably would have just ignored a mole that I had,” Wolford said.

Sherri was referred to Alamance Dermatology after her screening to check on some problem areas. That mole – an area she had not been concerned about – turned out to be melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.  Sherri had the area safely removed and is back to living a healthy life.

Now, Sherri follows up with a dermatologist four times a year.

“I’m so thankful for the screening. It changed my life,” she said.

Stephanie Page, Elon’s associate director of human resources, also had a wonderful first experience with the free screening offered by the Wellness Center. Like many adults, Stephanie had not had a full-body screening by a dermatologist in several years. However, the free screening by the Wellness Center found three areas that needed further attention.

After visiting Alamance Dermatology, Stephanie received treatment at the Duke Clinic. She finished her last surgery in March and has been healthy ever since. She now plans to see her dermatologist regularly.

“I hope the Wellness Center continues to offer this free benefit,” Stephanie said.

These positive experiences show the importance of regular check-ups in regards to maintaining healthy skin. The free yearly screening offered by the Wellness Center is a convenient way to ensure healthy skin for years to come. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next screening expected to take place in April 2016. 

Sarah Collins,
5/5/2015 1:05 PM