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Winners announced in annual Phoenix Cup Energy Competition

A fall contest challenged the Elon community to reduce energy consumption in buildings throughout campus.

A team from the Student Professional Development Center took part in the Phoenix Cup competition.
Faculty members from "Codegreen" in Duke building
Students from Danieley B who took part in the contest.
Oaks apartment managers Claire Lockard, Riley Billman and Jane Humphrey

Teams of Elon students, faculty and staff competed this fall to conserve energy by participating in the Phoenix Cup Energy Competition. 

Starting Sept. 16, 2015, points were earned for participating in and talking about different types of energy conservation behaviors. Bonus points were awarded for living or working in a building that consumed less energy than the week before.

Oaks apartment managers Claire Lockard, Riley Billman and Jane Humphrey won the student contest and were rewarded with hammocks and mobile solar chargers, among other prizes.

“We really enjoyed participating in the Phoenix Cup because we learned how easy it is to save energy," Billman said. "Last night I realized I was only using sunlight to read until it was sunset, and now I turn off lights in rooms that I'm not in almost automatically.”

Teams from Kivette, West and Danieley also participated. All teams who participated were placed into a drawing for a prize bag. The ‘Tom Haverford’s’ representing Danieley B and captained by Lexa Grasz won the participation prize. 

Phoenix Cup also included a faculty and staff competition. ‘Codegreen’ composed of faculty in Duke earned the most points per person when bonus points were awarded for building energy use. 

A team from the Student Professional Development Center, representing Moseley, earned the most points per person when building energy use was not considered. 

“The Phoenix Cup was a great way to encourage sustainability in the workplace," said said Beth Mannella, a Career Services fellow. "I look forward to continuing my commitment to sustainability - every evening when I leave the office, I unplug my cords. I hope more Elon University faculty and staff will participate in the future!” 

Teams from Belk Library, the Center for Leadership, and Residence Life also competed and earned prizes.

Buildings with the most energy reduction during the competition were Danieley P and Oaks A with 54 percent and 27 percent energy reduction, respectively. Residents of those buildings can have a donation made in their name to one of several charitable causes including the World Wildlife Fund’s Adopt an Animal program or Donors Choose.

Members of the Elon community will again have an opportunity to compete this spring when the competition will focus on landfill waste reduction.


Eric Townsend,
10/19/2015 2:50 PM