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Belk Library staff members present at NCLA

Belk Library staff members presented at a North Carolina Library Association conference.

Belk Library Green Team

Belk Library staff members presented at the North Carolina Library Association 61st Biennial Conference held October 20-23.

Shaunta Alvarez and Patrick Rudd described a collaboration with teaching faculty that uses Elon’s archival materials as primary sources for research instruction sessions for Education and English classes in a session titled “A Librarian, an Archivist, and a Professor walk into . . . a Collaboration that Matters.”

Betty Garrison and Teresa LePors discussed best practices and strategies for librarians’ interactions with faculty in their liaison departments during their session “If You Build It, Will They Come? Designing a More Engaged Liaison Program.”

Joan Ruelle’s session, “Low Fences Make Good Neighbors: Shared, Permeable Space in an Academic Library” shared Belk Library’s experiences with integrating shared spaces and resources across multiple service units.

Angela Wacker presented “Copenhagen Chronicles: a Case Study of Library Use by Study Abroad Students” on how students are using academic library resources during the study abroad experience.

Betty Garrison partnered with several other NC librarians on a session, “From Vineyard to Winery: Using NC LIVE Resources to Support Small Business Development” to highlight resources that support small businesses do industry and market research.

Randall Bowman, Linda Lashendock, Vicki Siler and Jennifer Smith presented a poster “Sustainable Collaboration: Successful Professional and Paraprofessional Collaboration in an Academic Library Green Team.” The poster depicts how our library staff partnered to create a library green team to support Elon’s sustainability initiatives.


Lynne Bisko,
10/28/2015 10:20 AM