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Men’s Club Fishing Succeeds in Tournament 

Eric Goodnow - 1st, Kellen Sorensen, Chris Folsom - 2nd, Spencer Howard, Jack Faccibene - 3rd, Sam Jenkins, Lauren Silverman - 4th, Dylan Burnett, Ben Nelson - 5 in fishing tournament.   

It was another early morning for the fishing team. Five pairs awoke, ready to pound the water. They packed their cars and drove off to Cane Creek. It was busy, over 20 cars lined up by the time the team arrived. After finally making it through the line and acquiring the motors for the boats, the team set off on a historic day. Kellen hooked up with a 4lb 9oz fatty on his third cast, and followed up quickly after with two 3.5lb lunkers. Sam and Eric also hit it big with a couple of fish weighing over 6 and 7 pounds. Everyone else caught some fish, too, although sizes haven't yet been provided. There is one more tournament left.


4/26/2016 1:25 PM