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Elon Cheerleading 2016-17 needs members

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The Elon Cheerleading team is looking for additional male and female members to join the team for the upcoming school year.
As a member of the team you will have access to varsity strength training, receive support through academic advising, participate in community service and volunteer opportunities, and will receive a book scholarship upon completing your 2nd, 3rd and 4th year on the team. The cheerleading team practices twice a week and cheers at all home football games and basketball games. A select group of 12 will travel to some away football games as well as the Men's and Women's basketball tournaments.
Any male interested in joining should email Rhonda Belton at belton@elon.edu --NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED
Any female interested in joining should email a tryout video to Rhonda Belton at belton@elon.edu  no later than June 17th. Video requirements are listed below
• Please briefly introduce yourself (30 sec max)
• Jumps: toe touch, front hurdler, and double jump of your choice
• Tumbling: standing back handspring, round off 2 back handspring, optional alternate running tumbling pass of your choice, optional alternate standing tumbling of your choice. All demonstrated on a dead mat, grass, or basketball court. No spring floor passes.
• Stunts: showcase your best stunting skills- Single leg stunts, full and double downs from stunts, basket tosses, etc.
• Chant/Crowd involvement: must repeat 3x, can include signs, no jumps, tumbling, or stunts, looking for strong voice/motions and crowd involvement
• Cheer/Crowd involvement: must include a jump or standing tumbling, looking for strong voice/motions and crowd involvement
• Dance 6-10 "8-counts"

Rhonda Belton,
5/18/2016 5:00 PM