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Music Theatre alumnus goes overseas in ‘Grease’ with Royal Caribbean

Elon Music Theatre alum Jake Sokoloff ’15 currently plays Eugene on Royal Caribbean’s production of ‘Grease.’

Jake Sokoloff '15 is playing the role of Eugene in Royal Caribbean's production of the musical "Grease."

Jake Sokoloff ’15 has spent the past four months sailing around Europe and the Mediterranean living out his dreams. Sokoloff plays Eugene in Grease aboard the ship, in addition to performing in two other original shows produced by Royal Caribbean. 

“Working as a performer for Royal Caribbean International is unlike anything I’ve ever done,” Sokoloff said. “Building this show for Royal Caribbean as part of the take out original cast on our ship was unlike any rehearsal experience I’ve ever had. No expense was spared with the company bringing in the top directors, choreographers and designers from all over the world to rebuild this classic show for cruise ship audiences.

“t’s still the same ‘Grease’ but it’s become a jam-packed, ninety minute, high-energy explosion. I play Eugene in the show and I have a ball on stage acting like a fool and making everyone laugh.”

In regards to performing while on the seas, Sokoloff said, “Performing on a moving stage is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Landing a leap or spotting a turn can prove difficult when the stages moves out from under you, or comes up to meet your feet sooner than expects, as it moves back and forth. The plus side – trying to stand still on stage has become a great core work out. In all seriousness though, this process has been incredibly rewarding.”

For more information on “Grease with Royal Carribean, visit http://www.royalcaribbeanproductions.com.

Catherine McNeela,
11/15/2016 1:55 PM