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Hlavaty offers tips for navigating the stock market in Business North Carolina column

Greg Hlavaty is a lecturer in English in Elon and an amateur investor who has written for Arts and Letters, Bird Watchers Digest, Our State and other publications. 

Greg Hlavaty, lecturer in English

​Greg Hlavaty, a lecturer in English and an amateur investor, has published a column in Business North Carolina that offers tips for navigating the stock market.

The post, "Keeping it real -- and other tips on staying sane while investing in stocks," details Hlavaty's experience attending a Trading Summit in Raleigh and shares tips for helping private investors navigate stock market uncertainty.

"So it’s camaraderie that prompts long-time investors to sit through a four-hour conference that’s half informational, half sales pitch for their MarketSmith, SwingTrader, and Leaderboard services," Hlavaty writes. "I had to admit, it  a nice feeling to be in a room with other investors. Even the curmudgeons. Picking stocks is a lonely business, and an emotional one. It’s one thing to lose money, but far worse to lose and be alone in that loss."

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Greg Hlavaty,
3/28/2017 3:35 PM