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Rich earns Acorn Accolade award for work as integration project lead

Joseph Rich, integration project lead, has been recognized for his dedication to audio visual integration projects and his outstanding work with Elon’s many innovative buildings on campus.

By Emily Cone-Parnes '18

Joseph Rich has been honored with the Acorn Accolade award for his work as integration project lead for the Solutions, Integration & Projects portion of Campus Technology Support. Rich has made valuable contributions to many technology related tasks on Elon’s campus, including AV integration projects for Elon’s new communications building, Schar Hall. Rich has also contributed to a research and development initiative which explores new ways to improve the technology on Elon’s campus.

Joseph Rich receiving the Acorn Accolade award from Elon Chief Information Officer Christopher Waters.

Rich's supervisor, Assistant Director of Campus Technology and Solutions Architect Joe Davis, said of his coworker, “Joseph is a stand out employee. He has a hand in almost every innovative building on campus. And of those, he does an outstanding job.”

When asked what makes Joseph a valuable team member, Davis pointed to his technical knowledge and desire to see a project finished to the best it can possibly be. "Joseph does the best he possibly can with the resources he has," Davis said.

In addition to work with technical projects on campus, Rich is a supervisor and mentor for Elon students and plays a key role in helping them achieve success. Notably, Rich has developed a program model that encourages students to gain industry certifications as part of their job responsibilities. This program has strengthened professional qualifications of students as well as their confidence within the field.

“I have a great team who helps me with developing opportunities for professors and students to integrate technology," said Rich, crediting his coworkers. "You really get to see that in Schar Hall. We have taken it to the next level with Turner Theater, the video wall in Snow Atrium, the Mac lab and other innovative technologies in. ... It is really nice to be recognized for the work and effort you put in for different opportunities.”

The Acorn Accolade is awarded each month to an exceptional member of Elon’s Instructional and Campus Technologies team. The individual must be nominated by his or her department head to the Assistant Vice President of Technology.


4/6/2017 3:05 PM