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Bravo publishes article in Public Relations Inquiry

The article discusses a research agenda for exploring how public relations is used by ethnic organizations to advance their goals.

Vanessa Bravo, recently promoted to associate professor in the School of Communications, published the article "The role of public relations in ethnic advocacy and activism: A proposed research agenda" in the journal Public Relations Inquiry.

The article, co-authored with a colleague from DePaul University, can be found in volume 5, issue 3 of the Public Relations Inquiry, which is published by SAGE Journals to serve as “an international, peer-reviewed forum for conceptual, reflexive and critical discussion on public relations.”

As its abstract states, the journal article proposes a research agenda “for exploring public relations’ role in ethnic advocacy and activism, as a way to build the field’s knowledge of ethnic public relations. To highlight the potential contribution of public relations to ethnic organizations, and to describe the particular challenges that ethnic public relations faces in societies that sometimes marginalize ethnic groups and issues, this article describes two advocacy efforts by Latino-serving organizations.”

Bravo has worked at Elon since 2011, and she has published research in journals such as Public Relations Review, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, International Journal of Communication, Global Media Journal, Mortality: Promoting the Interdisciplinary Study of Death and Dying, Revista Internacional de Relaciones Públicas, and Palabra Clave.  She has authored two book chapters in her discipline as well.

This spring Bravo also presented a paper in the International Studies Association anual conference in Baltimore, had a co-authored book chapter accepted for publication in a forthcoming book about public relations ethics, and received the Excellence in Scholarship Award ​ Elon University’s School of Communications.

Vanessa Bravo,
5/15/2017 12:50 PM