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Phi Beta Kappa publication highlights 'Read on Elon' program

"Read on Elon" is a program sponsored by Elon University's Phi Beta Kappa chapter that brings together students, faculty and staff to read and discuss a selection of books. 

The national news and alumni publication of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious academic honor society in the country, has featured a new program sponsored by Elon University's chapter. 

The article in The Key Reporter by Michele Dobbins focuses on "Read on Elon," an initiative by the Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Elon. The initiative seeks to bring together students, faculty and staff to read and discuss a book. The program took on a new format last academic year with a process for soliciting suggested works from across the campus. 

"Our goal was to support intellectual conversations outside of the classroom, and to extend Phi Beta Kappa's engagement with excellence in the liberal arts and sciences to a larger population of Elon community members," Olivia Choplin, associate professor of French and Eta Chapter president, told the publication. 

Read the entire article, "Elon University Chapter Promotes Interdisciplinary Connections Through Reading," here

Owen Covington,
8/16/2017 9:45 AM