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Ghoshal, Franzese, Zito present at Montreal sociology conferences

Three sociology professors presented their research at two recent conferences in Montreal.

Department of Sociology faculty members Raj Ghoshal, Alexis Franzese and Rena Zito presented research at the American Sociological Association and Media Sociology conferences in Montreal, Canada, August 11-15.

Department of Sociology faculty members Raj Ghoshal, Alexis Franzese and Rena Zito

Ghoshal, assistant professor of sociology, presented "Rooting Out Bias: A Multi-level Analysis of Newspaper Bias in Selection of Letters to the Editor" at the Media Sociology Preconference at Concordia University. In this research, he used an experimental design to send opposing political letters to editors of 500 U.S. newspapers, and monitored publication patterns.

Franzese, associate professor of sociology, presented “Medical School Socialization and the Identity Construction Process in the Transformation from Student to Doctor” at the American Sociological Association conference. In this research, she conducted textual analysis of autobiographical and biographical narratives of the medical school experience published between the years of 1989 and 2001 to examine the ways in which the accounts reflect changes in the health care system that occurred during that period as well as themes of identity construction.

Zito, assistant professor of sociology, presented "Relative Employment, Gender Attitudes, and Intimate Partner Victimization among Married, Cohabiting, and Non-Cohabiting Couples" at the American Sociological Association conference. Her research used survey data to examine the effects of employment patterns of couples, gender ideologies and gender distrust on the experience of intimate partner coercion and physical violence among mothers of infants.  


Raj Ghoshal,
8/21/2017 9:20 PM