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Vanessa Bravo presents at international conference in Colombia

The School of Communications professor was invited as one of the keynote speakers for the International Congress of Strategic Communication at the University of Medellin.

The International Congress of Strategic Communication was held in a 1,500-seat theater at the University of Medellin.

Vanessa Bravo, associate professor in the School of Communications, presented on Nov. 3 at the VII Congreso Internacional de Comunicación Estratégica (seventh International Congress of Strategic Communication), organized by the Universidad de Medellín (University of Medellín), in Colombia.

Bravo was one of the keynote speakers at the event, a two-day conference with 20 invited guest speakers (scholars and professionals) from countries such as Chile, Argentina, Spain, Croatia, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica and the United States. Elon University was the only university from the United States invited to the event.

Bravo’s keynote address, titled “Diaspora communities: An often-forgotten strategic public in public relations,” discussed the strategic relevance of diaspora communities for governments, corporations and non-government organizations located in the homeland. It used case studies from Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Colombia to showcase the economic, political and social relevance of diaspora communities.

The host institution for this conference, the University of Medellin, has the largest school of communications in Colombia, with about 2,000 students distributed in four communications tracks: graphic design & advertising, corporate communications, audiovisual communication and digital communication.

Bravo joined the School of Communications in fall 2011. Since then, she has published nine peer-reviewed journal articles and two peer-reviewed book chapters in her discipline.

Vanessa Bravo,
11/6/2017 12:10 PM