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We Can Do Even More: Energy conservation in action

This new program at Elon is part of an effort to build upon the university's sustainable campus initiatives and further reduce energy consumption. 


Elon University is launching a new program called “Energy Conservation in Action,” an effort to build on our sustainable campus initiatives, further reduce energy consumption, move towards our goal of carbon neutrality in 2037 and save on utility expenses. Starting this spring, a pilot program in 10 campus buildings will adjust temperature settings to save energy.  We hope to learn from the pilot program and expand the energy-saving measures across campus.

Elon has done a great job in energy conservation over the past several years and I believe we are ready to take the next steps to do even more. By reducing our heating and cooling costs, we will be able to better use those resources for Elon’s educational mission and contribute to a cleaner environment.

This spring semester, thermostats in the 10 buildings listed below will be adjusted to avoid wasting energy when the facilities are unoccupied. The adjusted unoccupied settings will be    55 degrees in winter and 85 degrees in summer.  Thermostats will also be programmed to assure comfortable conditions when the spaces are in use, including times when classes or programs have been scheduled using the 25Live reservation system or a work order request via FIXit. Signs in these buildings will note that temperatures are being regulated to conserve energy.


  • Dwight C Schar Hall    - (1st and 2nd floors only       
  • Koury Business Center -  (2nd and 3rd floors only)
  • Lindner Hall    - (2 Floor Only)        
  • Long Hall                                
  • Steers Pavilion                       
  • Belk Pavilion                           
  • Carl Woods Center                
  • Harden Club Sports               
  • Holt Chapel                            
  • The Lighthouse                      

During the pilot program, there will be no changes to the standard energy settings in all other buildings. Problems with the building temperatures during occupied times should be reported to the Physical Plant staff though the FIXit request system: www.elon.edu/fixit or by calling the Service Desk at 5500.

Elon University’s energy conservation policy:

Thermostat settings are to be maintained at 68 degrees in the winter and 76 degrees in the summer for occupied buildings. Only Physical Plant labeled and issued portable electric heaters are permitted in certain circumstances.  Unauthorized heaters will be removed.                                                                                                                                        

Gerald Whittington
Senior Vice President for Business, Finance and Technology




Owen Covington,
2/16/2018 9:05 AM