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50/50 Film Festival winners now online

The winning videos in the 50/50 Film Festival have been announced and are available for online viewing.

First Place: "Listen"
    By Mike Allen, CJ Fleishmann and Alex Heller

Second Place: "Disposable"
    By Colin Havey and Max Cantor

Viewer's Choice: "The Difference"
    By Brittany Yelverton, Stevie Kloeber and Jason Spitzer

Modeled after many 48-hour film festivals taking place around the United States, the Elon University 50/50 Film Festival demanded that filmmaking teams write, shoot, edit and finalize their short film in only 50 hours. The extra twist to this film festival was that the teams were limited to a maximum of 50 spoken words in their script, thus putting a premium on using visual story telling techniques.

Teams entering the contest were required to address the following theme:

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

How can you decide which problem to address?
If you are fighting genocide in Darfur aren’t you ignoring malnutrition in Sri Lanka? With so many in need close to home, why should you focus on the problems of other nations or on global concerns? How does your role as “global citizen” influence the everyday actions you take? How can you live a sane personal life and be involved in global causes?

This is event was co-sponsored by the School of Communications, the Counsel on Civic Engagement, and Project Pericles.

Dan Anderson,
3/14/2007 4:09 PM