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Students Compete in Elon's 50/50 Film Challenge

Ten teams participated in Elon University's 50/50 Film Festival this weekend, a project that required students to write, shoot, edit and finalize their short films in only 50 hours.

They were tasked with making the film using no more than 50 words. They were given their prompt Feb. 27, and their films had to be finished by March 1.

All short films needed to explore the concept of “the other”: The other race, the other nationality, the other gender, the other sexual orientation, the other religion, the other social class, the other age, the other subculture, the other political affiliation, the other personal background, the other. Teams of students were told they are all “the other” in certain situations and thus, to an extent, they all must be aware of the perspectives, feelings, hardships and even hidden advantages possessed by those who are “the others.”

In exploring the concept of “the other,” teams were encouraged to address issues with depth, understanding and an overall humanity and sensitivity reflective of Elon University’s emphasis on global citizenship.


The rules for the film festival were:

  • Maximum 7 minutes in length
  • Maximum 50 words
  • Incorporate the theme
  • Complete and upload your film in 50 hours

View the completed films at the 50/50 Film Festival blog.

Colin Donohue,
3/1/2009 5:42 PM