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Sang Nam delivers keynote address at Dream Tree Festival in Los Angeles

Sang Nam, an assistant professor in the School of Communications, delivered the keynote address at the Dream Tree Festival in Los Angeles May 8.

Nam’s speech, titled “The World We Have to Dream of,” centered on the dreams and challenges Korean-Americans face in the 21st century and the diversity issues that “hyphenated-Americans,” in general, encounter. The Dream Tree Festival is sponsored by the YoungNak Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles, one of the biggest Korean churches in the Southern California area. The festival is a gathering of more than 500 Korean-American children and young adults.

Nam’s remarks closed the event, and he followed speeches by Henry Sohn, vice president of Yahoo, and Tina Park, the youngest elected member of the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees.

Nam also hosted a workshop at the Korean Heritage School in Los Angeles May 9 and delivered two speeches to Korean-American college students at two churches in the area.

Colin Donohue,
5/10/2010 9:28 AM