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Prudence Layne and student scholars to discuss "Immersion Africa" online

Elon faculty and student scholars will participate in a live online discussion entitled From Immersive and Service Learning to SoTL as honorees from the Lilly Greensboro 2010 Conference on Teaching and Learning. Representing Elon were Dr. Prudence Layne, assistant professor of English and coordinator of the African/African-American Studies Program (AAASE), along with five Elon student scholars associated with AAASE.

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Student scholars who presented at the conference included:

* Lauren Taylor '10 - Lumen Scholar, Periclean Scholar and AAASE minor
* Amanda Brown '10 - Lumen Scholar, Periclean Scholar 2010 AAASE minor
* Katie Meyer '10 - Lumen Scholar, Leadership Fellow and AAASE minor
* Frank Stiefel '12 - Periclean Scholar and independent major in African/African-American Studies
* Kristin Schulz '10 - Periclean Scholar and AAASE minor

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During the online event, called Friday Live!, Dr. Layne and her students will discuss their posters about Immersion Africa: Student Innovations and Approaches to Complex Global Problems.

Other presenters include students and faculty from East Carolina, North Carolina Central, and Duke University. FRIDAY LIVE! is presented by the TLT Group. You may register for the online conference on their website at www.tltgroup.org.

Ben McFadyen,
6/17/2010 3:34 PM