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Elon alumni serve as mentors to students in NYC program

Students in the Elon in New York program have been paired with young Elon alumni--who have already established themselves as successful professionals in New York--as part of a mentorship program.

The 18 undergraduates living in Manhattan will be able to bounce ideas off their mentors, develop better professional practices and learn what it’s like to begin a career in New York. Mentors and students first met on June 6, and throughout the nine weeks of the program, they’ll meet again both informally and in professional settings.

“The mentor program was established to give the students an opportunity to have an additional resource while in the city,” said Tamara Casey, the assistant director of domestic programs, who helped oversee some of the logistical operations of the Elon in New York program. “The mentor will also be instrumental in helping the students network with other professionals in their field.”

Casey said mentors were chosen based on their undergraduate majors and current jobs. Casey said she also tried to match students with mentors based on the students’ individual interests.

Here is the list of alumni and the students with whom they’re paired:

  • Adrienne Winston ’06 (associate producer for ABC)—Kristen Wrenn
  • Dan Belmont ’06 (booking manager and director of volunteers for Queens Theatre in the Park)—Dan Koch
  • Emily Langford ’05 (public relations for Victoria’s Secret)—Dawn Peterson
  • Melissa West ’08 (executive assistant at Escada)—Lauren Gradwell
  • Jen Wigfield ’98 (meeting and event planner for Pfizer)—Ellie Jesse
  • Patrick Rees ’05 (public relations coordinator for the New Jersey Nets)—Nolan Elingburg
  • Sean Flynn ’09 (account associate at Ketchum Sports & Entertainment)—Steven Morris
  • Emily Favret ’09 (associate in public relations for Emanate)—Katie Leggett
  • Ann Early ’05 (founder and CEO of Ann Early Organizing)—Nina Dagbjartsson
  • Travis Lusk ’05 (market digital media manager for CBS Broadcasting)—Ben Donnelly
  • Meredith Worsham ’06 (public relations coordinator for About.com)—Jacqueline DiNick
  • Erin Barnett ’09 (assistant office manager for Jigsaw Productions)—Amy McLeod
  • Sarah Eydt ’07 (senior sales assistant-Fox Cable at National Geographic Channel)—Meaghan Carey
  • Ali Luchetti ’01 (account executive at NewsMax Media)—Caroline Scalici
  • Amy Reitnouer ’09 (Museum of Modern Art)—Lauren Sharp
  • Allison Pariani ’08 (special education teacher at The Rebecca School)—Katy Wadsworth
  • Jessica Messier ’03 (manager at Sony Music Entertainment)—Erin O’Callaghan
  • Katie Donovan Kindle ’06 (Sesame Workshop)—Paige Carter
Colin Donohue,
6/10/2010 12:46 PM