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Communications students present research at 2012 SURF sessions

Fourteen School of Communications students were among the many student researchers who presented their work at Elon University's selective Student Undergraduate Research Forum April 24.

Faculty mentors for this year’s School of Communications researchers included Janna Anderson, Brooke Barnett, Connie Book, Naeemah Clark, Amanda Gallagher Anthony Hatcher, Byung Lee, Harlen Makemson, Barbara Miller, Amanda Sturgill and Anthony Weaver.

Following was the 2012 schedule of Communications presentations.

Student Poster Session II

Lauren D. Kolodrubetz, "Identity Festival: A Study of the Promotional Efforts of the First Touring Electronic Music Festival," Faculty Mentor: Naeemah Clark

Carissa A. Hilliard, "Telemedicine and Oncology: A Study in the Effectiveness of Cancer Support Through Social Media," Faculty Mentor: Connie Book

Grace C. Elkus, "Analysis of the CNN and FOX News Networks' Framing of the Keystone XL Pipeline," Faculty Mentor: Barbara Miller

Erin E. Valentine & Beatriz A. Jurema, "Coverage of the Occupy Movement in U.S. Newspapers," Faculty Mentors: Amanda Sturgill & Naeemah Clark

Samantha A. Calvert, "Media Coverage of Four Pioneering Black Athletes in Four Major American Sports," Faculty Mentor: Anthony Hatcher

Gregory S. Ehrenberg, "Baseball Player Performance in High Leverage Situations," Faculty Mentor: Anthony Weaver

Session I

Daniel A. Koehler, "'The Tobacco King': Question and Answer Session," Faculty Mentor: Brooke Barnett

Lauren D. Kolodrubetz, "Selling the Interstate Highway System: American Security and the Frame of Safety in TIME Magazine Advertisements, 1953-1954," Faculty Mentor: Harlen Makemson

Margaret G. Cissel, "Media Framing: A Comparative Content Analysis on Mainstream and Alternative News Coverage of Occupy Wall Street," Faculty Mentor: Byung Lee

Session II

Kellye N. Coleman, Nicole M. Chadwick & Samantha Baranowski, "Human Right? Access and the Future of the Global Internet," Faculty Mentor: Janna Anderson

Hannah B. Nelson, "Stereotypes and Portrayals of Germans Through U.S. Social Media Platforms," Faculty Mentor: Amanda Gallagher

Celebration of Faculty Scholarship

Additionally, Communications assistant professor Qian Xu presented her research as part of the university’s overall faculty poster presentations. Her research was titled, “Lights, Camera, Music, Interaction! Interactive Persuasion in E-Commerce."

Additional Communications Event

elondocs presented a series of short student documentaries, as well. The first four films were created by students participating in the elondocs production program, a one-year extracurricular training and mentorship program for students interested in making documentaries. The topics include Elon’s marching band, the creation of a student dance piece, the a cappella group Rip Chord and a banjo player with cerebral palsy. The final film is a Lumen Prize project supported by elondocs that looks at race relations on a farm in Zambia.

"FOTC" by Catherine Creeden
"The Making of Short Circuit" by Madeline Carlin
"Find Your Voice" by Liv Dubendorf
"I Was Meant to Do This" by Baden Piland
"The Tobacco King" by Dan Koehler

Colin Donohue,
4/24/2012 3:41 PM