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Students partner with Loaves & Fishes to produce media content

Elon University’s School of Communications partnered with the Burlington food pantry Loaves & Fishes to create multimedia projects this semester that consisted of student-produced news stories and videos for Loaves and Fishes to use on its website.

More than 80 students were involved from two Digital Media Convergence classes taught by Staci Saltz, two Media Writing classes taught by Amanda Sturgill and one Web Publishing class taught by Phillip Motley.

Students visited Loaves and Fishes for face-to-face interviews with clients, volunteers and employees. The purpose of the project was for communications students to experience the process of creating media in the world outside the walls of Elon University.

"We think there's a value in the practical, real-world experience that's hard to replicate in the classroom," Motley said.

The project is part of Elon’s Diversity Infusion Project, which promotes diversity as a part of the university’s curriculum. This particular project focuses on creating an understanding of socioeconomic diversity in the community.

“Socioeconomic diversity is as important to consider as racial or ethnic diversity, especially for Elon students, who often come from similar backgrounds,” Motley said.

Media Writing student Melissa Hanke said the project has been extremely rewarding to her.

“I not only gained field experience in communications, but was shown a different side of Burlington that I never knew existed,” she said.

The communications professors heading this project said it could provide long-term benefits for their students.

"I hope that since I have beginning students, they can carry what they learn from this experience throughout their schooling and even their careers,” Sturgill said.

-- by Mattie Gainer '15

Colin Donohue,
12/1/2012 10:16 AM