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Writing Excellence Initiative awards grants to faculty & staff

Thirty-one faculty and staff members have been awarded Writing Excellence Initiative grants for projects that will help students improve their writing and increase students’ abilities to learn through writing.

The Writing Excellence Initiative has announced grants to support projects by 31 faculty and staff from 16 departments that will improve students’ writing and enhance their ability to learn through writing.

“The variety and creativity of these project demonstrates the enthusiasm with which Elon faculty and staff are embracing the university’s commitment to enhancing its already exemplary emphasis on students’ writing,” said Paul Anderson, director of Elon's Writing Across the University.  

Winning proposals came from all four of Elon’s undergraduate divisions: Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, the School of Communications and the School of Education, as well from Teaching and Learning Technologies and the graduate program in Interactive Media Studies.

Successful proposals focused on projects that range from improving student writing and learning in single courses to aligning the writing assignments and instruction across the many sections of Business Communication and throughout the three years of the Periclean Scholars Program.

Topics include “The Black Experience is the Elon Experience: Putting the Black in bELONg through Writing and Research,” “Incorporating Writing in the STEM Disciplines,” “Writing with Thumbs: Composition and Media on Mobile Devices” and “Integrating a Quantitative Writing Project in Business Economics.”

Some successful projects were proposed by single individuals, others by disciplinary and interdisciplinary teams of up to five persons.

Grant winners will extend the benefits of their projects by sharing their results with the university community in ways that may inspire others and suggest practical strategies that their colleagues may adopt in their courses and programs.

The Proposal Review Committee consisted of Deandra Little, managing director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning; Janet MacFall, associate professor of environmental studies and biology; Jessie Moore, assistant professor of English and assistant director of the Center for Engaged Learning; and Paula Patch, director of English 110.

Information about the several grant programs sponsored by the Writing Excellence Initiative can be found at www.elon.edu/cwe.

Grant Winners and Their Projects

Frances Bottenberg (Philosophy)

Developing a Two-Track Cumulative Assessment Method for Writing in PHL112: How Should We Live?

Steve Braye (English), Carol Smith (Health and Human Performance), April Post (World Languages and Cultures), Bud Warner (Human Service Studies), Tom Arcaro (Sociology and Anthropology)

Writing to Become a Scholar in the Periclean Scholars Program

Matt Buckmaster (Music)

Enriching Writing in the First GST Capstone To Be Offered Abroad during Winter Term

Scott Buechler, Rhonda Butler, Cindy Conn, Mark Courtright, Lillian Watson (Management)

Aligning Course Goals and Delivery across Multiple Sections of Business Communications

Paul Castro (Communications)

Research and Implementation of the New Course in Film and Television Writing

Alexis Franzese (Sociology and Anthropology)

Contemplative Writing

Sarah Glasco (World Languages and Cultures)

Writing as Cultural Construct in French: Genre-Based Assignments for a Literacy-Centered Curriculum

Ryan Kirk (History and Geography), Michele Kleckner (Computing Sciences), Amanda Chunco (Environmental Studies)

Your Ecological Roots: Research and Writing on Hometown Toxic Chemical Exposure

Ketevan Kupatadze (World Languages and Cultures)

Developing Writing Assignments for SPN 222D: Spanish for Business

Derek Lackaff (Communications)

“Writing to Think” in the First-Year Disciplinary Survey Course, Communications in a Global Age (COM100)

Prudence Layne (English)

The Black Experience is the Elon Experience: Putting the Black in bELONg through Writing and Research

Kristina A. Meinking (World Languages and Cultures)

Veni, Legi, Scrivi: Writing in the Elementary Latin Sequence

Yuko Miyamoto, Tonya Train (Biology)

Evaluation of the Literature and Other Institutions to Identify Successful and Innovative Approaches for Incorporating Writing in the STEM Disciplines

Carmen Monico (Human Service Studies)

Establishing the Foundations of a Human Service Studies International Concentration: A Writing Research Project for Core Human Service and International Courses

Phillip Motley (Communications)

Incorporating Writing in the Interactive Media Capstone

Katy Rouse, Steven Bednar (Economics)

Exploring and Integrating a New Quantitative Writing Project in Business Economics

Alan Russell (Mathematics and Statistics)

Encouraging an Ethic of Writing for K-8 Mathematics Teachers

Michael Vaughn, Dan Reis  (Teaching and Learning Technologies)

Writing with Thumbs: Composition and Media on Mobile Devices


Paul Anderson,
5/18/2014 12:15 PM