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Gene Grimley talks with WGHP Fox 8 about radon dangers

The professor of chemistry was interviewed for a Jan. 5, 2015, story on radon testing kits currently available for free to residents of Alamance County in North Carolina.

Professor Eugene "Gene" Grimley

Professor Eugene "Gene" Grimley in the Department of Chemistry offered analysis on the dangers of radon for a Jan. 5, 2015, news segment produced by WGHP Fox 8 in North Carolina.

Alamance County is briefly offering local residents free radon testing kits, and in his interview with Fox 8 reporter Shelley Roupas, Grimley described the science of radon and why it can be a threat even in areas thought to have lower levels of the radioactive element emitting from the ground.

Watch the full segment here.

Eric Townsend,
1/6/2015 2:40 PM