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Elon team researching views of Internet engineering leaders

The Imagining the Internet Center asked experts to identify challenges and opportunities of Internet evolution.

The Elon team covering the meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force includes (from left) Michelle Alfini, Rhett Lawson, Gary Grumbach, Aaron Moger, Colin Donohue, Paige Pauroso, Ashley McGetrick and Rajat Agarwal.

Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center (www.imaginingtheinternet.org) and the School of Communications sponsored a student documentary journalism team’s research in Dallas, Texas, March 22-25 at the Internet Engineering Task Force’s 92nd meeting.

See a brief highlight video here: https://youtu.be/b7Gqw-ww1f0

See full coverage on Imagining the Internet here: http://www.elon.edu/e-web/imagining/event-coverage/ietf_2015/default.xhtml

See the five playlists with 415 video clips here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ImaginingtheInternet/playlists

The ethnographic interviewing team included: Colin Donohue, coordinator of student media and instructor of communications; Aaron Moger, assistant director for video production; and communications students Rajat Agarwal, Michelle Alfini, Gary Grumbach, Ashley McGetrick, Paige Pauroso and Rhett Lawson. Janna Anderson, professor of communications and director of the center, coordinated their efforts.

Rajat Agarwal and Ashley McGetrick conduct an interview at the 92nd meeting of the IETF.

The IETF is a global volunteer organization that brings together thousands of people who develop, evolve and promote Internet standards and the Internet’s smooth operation. It has been growing exponentially as a technical coordination forum since 1986. Today’s IETF is an international community operating under the auspices of the Internet Society that includes network designers, operators, vendors and researchers.

Elon University’s Imagining the Internet is a global-good Computerworld Honors and Webby Award Honors-winning project that asks people to share their views about networked communications – past, present and future. Imagining the Internet’s mission is to illuminate the evolution, impact and potential influences of communications networks in order to inform policy development, expose likely futures and provide a historic record.

Paige Pauroso and Gary Grumbach are part of the Imagining the Internet team working in Dallas, Texas.

Elon is the only university in the world that annually funds undergraduate research to document important global discussions of the future of communications. The U.S. Library of Congress is adding this work to its digital archive. Elon students have annually been presenting their Internet research findings at the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research.

You can see some earlier work, Elon students’ 2014 Hong Kong interviews of Internet Hall of Fame Inductees and leaders of the Internet Society, here: http://www.elon.edu/e-web/imagining/event-coverage/hof_itfest_2014/future_internet_interviews.xhtml


Dan Anderson,
3/24/2015 9:40 AM