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Elon students present at biomedical engineering conference

A group of students from Elon’s Engineering Club and Engineering World Health traveled Oct. 23 to the Southeast Regional Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society in Raleigh, North Carolina.

L-R: Nevin Selman, Izzy Agostini, Andres Saez, Sabrina Campello, Zach O'Connor, Keeley Collins, Ben Evans, Chris Arena

Elon undergraduate students Izzy Agostini '18 (Engineering Physics), Andres Saez '18 (Biophysics/Biomedical Engineering), and Nevin Selman '17 (Physics) recently presented a poster titled "Development of a therapeutic boot that combines electrical stimulation with heat to increase the healing rate of neuropathic wounds" at the Southeast Regional Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society. 

The work was conducted under the direction of Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Daryl Lawson and Assistant Professor of Engineering Chris Arena.

Also participating in the conference were Keeley Collins ’19 (Biochemistry), Sabrina Campelo '18 (Physics), Zach O’Connor ’18 (Engineering Physics) and Associate Professor of Physics Ben Evans.

The meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society highlighted “Career and Connections.” In addition to presenting research, students participated in panel discussions with local academics, innovators, and entrepreneurs, and networked with students and faculty from neighboring programs such as Biomedical Engineering at Duke University and the UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Funding for student travel and registration was provided by a grant from the Elon University Undergraduate Research Program.

Benjamin Evans,
10/24/2015 9:15 PM