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Counseling Services and mental health

Resources for your student regarding mental and emotional health on campus

Counseling Services provides brief, strengths-based psychological support and crisis intervention to address the emotional, social and academic needs of Elon University students. Counseling Services provides psychological support for Elon University students experiencing a wide range of emotional, social, and academic concerns. Our counselors are trained and licensed mental health professionals who utilize a brief, strengths-based model in their work with students. For those students who present concerns that would be better addressed with long-term support or specialized services, counselors will help coordinate referral to resources in the local community. We encourage students to meet with a counselor to develop the most effective resources for their needs. 

Hours of operation and information about scheduling an appointment are available at here or by calling the office during business hours at 336-278-7280.

The university also hosts three fee-for-service practitioners for a limited number of hours each week – two psychiatrists and a certified substance abuse counselor. These practitioners schedule their own appointments, and students are responsible for payment to these providers. More information about accessing these providers is available on the Counseling Services website.

If a student is experiencing a counseling emergency that is life threatening or involves imminent danger (risk of harm to self or others) at any time, call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance. Proper emergency response authorities will respond and will involve those members of the university’s Student Life Emergency Response Team as warranted. There is a counselor on call for student crises, after hours and on weekends. The crisis on-call counselor can be reached through Campus Safety & Police at 336-278-5555.

The Counseling Center staff welcomes phone calls from parents and concerned others. Please note that student health and counseling records are confidential. Information regarding a student's participation in services can only be released with the signed permission of the student or by court order. There is an array of mental health resources for students and parents available on the Counseling Services website.

If you or your student has question, please contact us during business hours at 336-278-7280 and we will be glad to help!

Kara Nunnally,
1/21/2016 3:40 AM