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I Am Elon with Christopher Greene ’17 

For Christopher Greene, Elon’s music program and his work and research in physics keep him not only intrigued but also inspired.  

In his first physics class, Christopher Greene participated in a field trip to a ski slope. Aside from spending an enjoyable day skiing, Christopher discovered that he really enjoyed the subject and finds it “very relatable to the real world.” 

Christopher, now a junior double majoring in physics and music, is an Elon College Fellow. He is researching ways to increase the complexity of galaxy modeling schemes with Assistant Professor of Physics Christopher Richardson. He hopes to continue to work in astrophysics, eventually ending up at NASA or SpaceX.

“The more I learn about astronomy and the universe, the more interested I become and the more I want to know,” he says. “Space is where my heart lies.”     Christopher’s second love is music. He began taking piano lessons in second grade and now enjoys playing and studying saxophone. He plays with Elon’s Jazz Ensemble and spent two weeks performing with the Elon Jazz Ambassadors throughout Italy this summer.

“There’s nothing quite like playing a show at  11 p.m. in front of a crowd of at least 200 people who give you a standing ovation  and chant ‘Bravi!’ when you finish.”     Christopher says he finds performing to be liberating, allowing him to shed some of his inhibitions and connect with people, even if it’s not through a typical conversation. He’s grateful for the inspiration Elon’s music program provides. “I’ve grown a lot, not only as a musician but as a person. This year it’s like the inner musician in me was brought out.”

Christopher is Elon. Visit www.elon.edu/magazine to see more of his story, part of our “I Am Elon” multimedia series featuring Elon students in their own words.

“I Am Elon” is a multimedia series by The Magazine of Elon featuring Elon students in their own words.

By Kim Walker

Keren Rivas,
8/8/2016 2:50 PM